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How to set up Google Ads for your small business

Using Google Ads effectively will get your business in front of more customers when they search for businesses like yours. Picture Shutterstock
Using Google Ads effectively will get your business in front of more customers when they search for businesses like yours. Picture Shutterstock

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In today's competitive digital landscape, having a robust online presence is crucial for the success of small service-based businesses. One highly effective way to achieve this is through Google Ads.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up Google Ads for your small business, with a focus on service-oriented enterprises, and how partnering with a Google Ads agency can enhance your results.

Step 1: Define your goals

Before diving into Google Ads, it's essential to have clear business goals in mind. There are plenty of goals that can guide your advertising strategy, including:

  • Increase leads
  • Boost website traffic
  • Enhance brand awareness

The key is to find an aspirational but achievable benchmark with which you can use to chart your results. This will be invaluable down the track and will allow you to drive a far better return on investment.

Step 2: Identify your target audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial for creating effective ad campaigns. Digital marketing agencies excel in crafting tailor-made strategies by delving into the specifics of your business and audience. With their help, you can identify the demographics, interests, and behaviours of your ideal customers and tailor your ads accordingly.

Step 3: Keyword research

A successful data-driven approach begins with thorough keyword research. Identify relevant keywords related to your services and location. For instance, if you run a construction business in Western Sydney, keywords like "Western Sydney builder" or "Western Sydney renovation services" will be vital. These are the terms potential customers might use when searching for services like yours.

Step 4: Craft compelling ad copy

Create attention-grabbing ad copy that highlights your unique selling propositions. Your ad copy should not only convey the services you offer but also entice users to click through. Compelling ad copy will also be strategic and impactful visibility.

Step 5: Set up your account

Navigate to Google Ads and sign in or create an account. Once logged in, it is suggested to set up conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns accurately. This involves adding a tracking code to your website, allowing you to track actions such as form submissions or phone calls resulting from your ads.

Step 6: Choose your campaign type

Select the campaign type that aligns with your business goals. It is important to choose the right campaign type for your specific needs. For service-based businesses, 'Search Campaigns' are often the most effective, targeting users actively searching for your services.

Step 7: Define your budget and bidding strategy

Set a daily or monthly budget for your campaign in order to maximise ROI through budget optimisation. Choose a bidding strategy based on your goals, which can include:

  • Maximising clicks
  • Increasing conversions
  • Targeting a specific return on ad spend

Step 8: Design your ad groups and extensions

Organise your ads into relevant ad groups. For a plumbing business, you might have ad groups for "local builder," "building quotes," and "renovation restoration." Well-structured campaigns translate to better performance and targeting.

Enhance your ads with extensions like site links, callouts, and location extensions. This provides additional information to potential customers, increasing the chances of them engaging with your business. Utilise ad extensions strategically to maximise visibility and impact.

Step 9: Monitor and optimise

Continuous monitoring and optimisation are crucial for the success of your Google Ads campaigns. Your Google Ads expert should be regularly delving into analytics, fine-tuning campaigns based on performance, and providing actionable insights. They can also adjust bids, refine ad copy, and update keywords based on the data gathered.

Step 10: Collaborate with a Google Ads expert

To truly excel in your Google Ads endeavours, consider partnering with a Google Ads agency like CLIQ Marketing Content, a digital marketing and Google Ads agency that works with service-based businesses all over Australia. Their data-driven strategies, tailored approaches, and focus on results can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. Every business is unique, and CLIQ ensures strategies align with individual goals and nuances.

Setting up Google Ads for your small service-based business requires a strategic approach, an understanding of your audience, and continuous optimisation. By following these steps and considering CLIQ Marketing Content as your partner in this journey, you can navigate the complexities of digital advertising, drive tangible business goals, and establish a strong online presence in today's dynamic market landscape.