Navarre students take time out of morning to clear fallen tree of road

All is not doom and gloom with the millennial generation as some school students proved last week.

Talyra and Tabitha Bibby and Luke and Jimmy Anderson were on their way to their bus stop to make their way into Stawell for school last Thursday morning when they noticed a large log lying across the road.

The wild weather had knocked a log “the size of half a tree” down, blocking Barkly-Navarre Road in Navarre, preventing any use of the road.

Rather than walking by and leaving the issue for someone else to fix, the children, led by year 10 student Jimmy, made the decision to clear the road to prevent cars having to detour around the blockage.

Half of the fallen tree

Half of the fallen tree

Jimmy, 15, made his way home, grabbed a chainsaw and cut the 13 metre long log, with the others assisting to clear the road.

"Our bus driver waited for us and when he heard why we were late he was impressed with what we had done. I had to get a new pair of socks from a friend once I got to school because mine were full of sawdust," Jimmy Anderson said.

They were still able to make it to school on time despite their adventurous detour in the morning.

“You hear about the bad things but not always about the good things kids do. We wanted to do what we could to help a little bit,” 13-year-old Talyra Bibby said.