Stawell Aviation Services welcomes the Civil Aviation Safety Authority's new regulations

Stawell Airport
Stawell Airport

NEW regulations for private pilots has been welcomed by Stawell Aviation Services. 

The new regulations will make it more affordable and more accessible for private pilots to obtain essential medical certificates. 

Private pilots will now be able to use their own general practitioner for aviation medical certification rather than having to visit a special aviation medical practitioner.

Pilots will also be able to complete the process to obtain a basic class two medical certificate online in minutes. A basic class two medical certificate is required for private pilots. 

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority will also reduce the processing fee for the certificate from $75 to $10. 

Stawell Aviation Services founder Graeme Boatman said these changes will make it more accessible for private pilots to obtain essential medical certification.

“Pilots will still be abiding by the same level of medical certification under these changes,” he said.

“These changes will make meeting these guidelines easier.

“It has been very difficult to find special aviation medical practitioners.”

Stawell Aviation Services runs air tours from Stawell airport and trains pilots. 

Mr Boatman said these changes might encourage more people to learn to fly. 

These changes apply to private pilots. CASA has not made any changes to medical certification for commercial pilots.