Volunteers needed in Stawell for this year's Red Shield Appeal

The Salvation Army Stawell is looking for volunteers to get involved in its annual Red Shield Appeal doorknock.

This year the Salvation Army is aiming to raise $7.5 million nationally over the weekend from May 26 to 27. 

The money raised from the Red Shield Appeal doorknock will go towards the Salvation Army’s network of social services to help those in need.

In a typical week, the Salvos provide over 17,000 beds for those suffering homelessness, 40,000 meals for the hungry, over 1400 financial counselling sessions and refuge for over 100 women affected by domestic violence.

The Salvation Army is aiming for 70,000 volunteers nationwide for the doorknock Salvation Army Stawell Major Raymond Reeves said. 

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of what we do. They are our largest workforce, which enables the continued success and improvement of our vital social programs. These programs include emergency housing for people in crisis, drug and alcohol rehabs, financial counselling services, as well as a host of social programs,” he said. 

To volunteer for this year’s Red Shield Appeal weekend call 13 72 58 or register online