Under-16s Horsham District line-up announced | Interleague Footbal

Two Baggies have been named to compete for the Horsham District league under-16s interleague team in this weekend’s game. 

Bourke Nicholls and Joseph Martin were selected in the final team.

JACK Hickmott from Noradjuha-Quantong will captain the side that will take on the Ellinbank and District Football League on Saturday at Ballarat City Oval at 10am. 

Tim Nagorcka and Brett Thompson will coach the side. Thompson said the line-up was versatile and fast.

“Tim and myself have no idea of the opposition but are hoping to utilise the large oval in Ballarat with our fit and versatile runners and quick ball movement,” he said.


B: Jake Mills, Tom Glover, Jackson Price.

HB: Justin Ellis, Jack Hickmott (C), Harrison Coombe.

C: Zack Kelly, Riley Dunlop, Kane Williams.

HF: Colby Ledger, Blake Turner, Xavier Oakley.

F: Bourke Nicholls, Matthew White, Mitchell Grant.

R: Matthew Thomas, Archie Harrison (VC), Cody Heylar.

Int: Dylan Thompson, Bayden Penrose, Codi Kenny, Joseph Martin, Adam Flavell.​ E: Brayden Webb, Alex Baker.