Marnoo Milk Bar owners still hoping to find a buyer for their business

Robyn McLachlan

Robyn McLachlan

The owners of the Marnoo Milk Bar are still holding onto hope that they can find a buyer for their business before trading ceases on March 29. 

Robyn McLachlan and Norman McLean left their jobs, homes and families in Melbourne five years ago to settle in Marnoo. 

The business has been up for sale since late 2015, however no buyer’s have come forward. 

About 30 lookers have come through to inspect the business over the past two and a half years.

The pair has been forced to sell because of unforeseen family circumstances that have left them a limited capacity to run the full-time business.

“We are still getting up at 5.30am and opening at 7am every day – shearers passing through still want their pies and coffee, but we just cant do it all on our own,” Ms McLachlan said.

“What the business offers is unbelievable and we can’t believe no one has purchased it yet – we really need someone to throw us a lifeline,”

“It’s a great business – it’s three bedroom, has a six car garage, plenty of room for semi trailers out the front, and most importantly our figures are up and (we) have tripled the figures of the previous owners”

The original sale price began at $315,000 and has since dropped to $275,000.

“We are open to receive offers at a (further) reduced price.”

Ms McLachlan still has hope that even if they are forced to close their doors, the Milk Bar may have a second life.

“Maybe opening the shop as a tavern here since we no longer have a pub for the blokes to unwind”

While March 29 is coming up quickly, and the pair having experienced a difficult 12 months, they still remain positive that someone will come through to save their milk bar.

“We have done everything in our power to have this great business (operating) like it is, and now it is time for some new energy,” Ms McLachlan said.