Stawell Crazy Day Sale 2018: Businesses set to reward loyal customers while showing the community what they have

EXCITED: Local traders are getting into the swing of the Crazy Day sale - all they need is you to make it even more fun.
EXCITED: Local traders are getting into the swing of the Crazy Day sale - all they need is you to make it even more fun.

Stawellbiz looks forward to the Crazy Day Sale each year as it gives local retailers the opportunity to showcase their business and reward their loyal customers with the opportunity to snap up some great bargains.

Crazy Day also provides the opportunity for the community to show its support of local businesses and further enhance  their town.

Retail in general all over the world is seeing a major shift away from large shopping precincts to online purchasing.

This online landscape has changed so quickly that businesses, malls, and shopping centres are having to adapt to meet the customer’s needs.

For Stawell’s retail strip, Stawellbiz and the Northern Grampians Shire Council are working closely to develop a plan to continue to see the town thrive and prosper.

“We believe that customers expect more and that customers require an experience, and not only the opportunity to purchase goods,” Stawellbiz president, Nigel Keating said.

“We will be looking for community feedback as well as engaging major stakeholders, such as our building owners, to deliver a prosperous and sustainable retail precinct.”

StawellBiz is a dynamic, independent business group that is passionate about the development and growth of Stawell’s thriving business community.

Hosting informal yet productive professional development opportunities and networking and social events, StawellBiz responds to the needs of its growing membership from across a wide range of industries.

As a group, it is committed to representing the views and issues of the broader Stawell business community, and partner wherever possible with local campaigns that raise the profile of the quality products and services on offer locally.

StawellBiz also actively supports a wide range of initiatives that help make Stawell a great place to live and visit, working in partnership with key stakeholders like local government and community groups.

Welcoming and relaxed, yet forward-thinking and professional, StawellBiz is a valuable resource for new and existing businesses who are tired of muddling through the daily grind and looking for a little inspiration!

StawellBiz offers many benefits to its members and the broader Stawell community.

If you have any business related questions about the local business community StawellBiz would be only too pleased to connect you to the right resources.

Likewise, if you’d like to know more about StawellBiz membership, call Stawellbiz president, Nigel Keating, or go to