300 Stawell pupils form human 40 sign to spread awareness

About 300 pupils from four district primary schools came together and formed a human 40 sign on Thursday in a bid to drive the message that school and 40km speed zones were back.

Stawell Acting Sergeant Silas Stephens said the mass effort between police, St Patrick’s, Stawell West, Stawell 502 and Concongella Primary schools brought out awareness on an important issue.  

“Children, particularly primary school children, do not have the ability to sense the dangers of cars on the road and a lot of the time they can run out between cars,” he said. 

“Slowing down to 40km gives drivers that little extra time to break, stopping at that speed gives you more than enough time to stop in those circumstances.”

Acting Sergeant Stephens said Stawell drivers were obedient to the law, but the message still needed to be reinforced. 

“Drivers still need to be policed by us and we regularly enforce those speed zones,” he said. 

“We want drivers to be aware around schools and especially around parked cars, children don’t always think, so spreading awareness is important.”