Victoria Police State Highway Patrol runs Wimmera operation

STATE police officers have targeted Wimmera drivers as part of a four-day operation.

Wimmera road safety and crime prevention adviser Senior Sergeant Di Thomson said members of the State Highway Patrol ran were in the region between Friday and Monday.

She said the operation included four state mobile units and a drug bus.

“There was a lot of man power,” she said.

“They ran 10-hour shifts over the four days, performing 1070 breath tests and 669 preliminary oral fluid tests.”

Senior Sergeant Thomson said State Highway Patrol visited different areas of Victoria regularly.

“Our turn just happened to coincide with the Grampians Music Festival at the weekend, so there was a big crowd about,” she said.

Overall, police caught four drink-drivers, four drug-drivers and two people who had a disqualified or suspended licence.

Senior Sergeant Thomson said speeding was the biggest offence, with 47 penalty notices issued for drivers speeding by more than 10 kilometres an hour.

She said 43 penalty notices were issued for drivers speeding by more than 10 km/h but less than 25km/h and one driver was caught doing more than 25km/h over the speed limit.

Police issued four penalty notices for seat belts and three notices for unsafe vehicle standards.

“A good result was that there were no mobile phone offences,” Senior Sergeant Thomson said.

“The community should be really proud of that outcome.”

Senior Sergeant Thomson said police recorded 114 offences in total  and one vehicle was impounded.

“The operation wasn’t just in Horsham, it was across the whole western division four,” she said.

The division includes both Horsham and Northern Grampians police service areas.

Senior Sergeant Thomson said it was great to have members from outside the region come to the area.

“It gives us some fresh eyes on our community,” she said.

“The state unit has the capacity to bring great numbers and resources to areas and it had an immediate effect on drivers.

“It’s also reassuring for the community to know that people are being tested for drugs and alcohol regularly.”