'It's only for money': Ex-I'm A Celeb contestant rubbishes show

A former contestant on Network Ten's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! has rubbished the show, suggesting people who to take part in the program are only in it for the money.

Akmal Saleh says it's easy to see the regret in the contestants' eyes when they're forced to jump from great heights or swallow animal entrails.

"I have credibility," Saleh joked. "You can exchange that word - credibility - for money. I have money."

Saleh's co-host, 2GO FM broadcaster Mandy Coolen, asked if that's why he agreed to take part in the show.

"Of course! You think I like the taste of fish guts? No. When you see that show, look at these so-called celebrities' eyes. And they've got that look in their eyes like, 'oh, I really should have been more careful with my money. If only I'd bought bitcoin or had a savings account or just spoken to a financial [adviser] I wouldn't have to be in this mess right now.' You know?

"No one wants to do these shows. No one. It's only for the money."

Saleh made an appearance in the 2016 season of I'm a Celebrity, but was one of the first contestants to be eliminated.

Saleh's comments come after fellow comedian Rove McManus hosed down speculation he will make an appearance on this year's season of I'm a Celebrity. The former Network Ten and 2Day FM presenter said he won't be making an appearance in the South African wilderness because he has too much "credibility".

Tennis player Bernard Tomic failed to qualify for this year's Australian Open and reportedly bragged to fellow players that he didn't mind because Ten had offered him $1 million to appear on I'm a Celebrity. Ten has admitted a tennis star will be making an appearance in the upcoming season, but has remained tight-lipped about whether or not it is the 25-year-old.

There have also been whispers within the ABC that Red Symons could make an appearance. The former Hey, Hey It's Saturday star was booted from his coveted radio show late last year after a controversial interview in which he asked a Radio National broadcaster if she was "yellow" and "what's the deal with Asians?".

However, the rumours about Symons appear to be unfounded as they don't match with the hints Ten has been drip-feeding fans of the reality TV show.

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