Top 10 things to see and do in the Wimmera this summer

Benson Miller, Matt Wynne, Harry Robertson and Nick Pizzoni from Horsham enjoying the Wimmera River in the summer.
Benson Miller, Matt Wynne, Harry Robertson and Nick Pizzoni from Horsham enjoying the Wimmera River in the summer.

AS MOST people know a Wimmera summer is very hot. 

But, why stay indoors wracking up a power bill when there are many adventures to be had that will take anyone’s mind off the summer sun. 

 1. View the Silo Art trail

The Silo Art Trail showcased the painted silos at Brim, Sheep Hills, Patchewollock, Rupanyup, Rosebery and Lascelles.

Wimmera Mallee Tourism chairwoman and Yarriambiack councillor Helen Ballentine said everyone had been enjoying the attraction. 

“People with two hours to spare can dart across and have a look at the silo art,” she said. 

The Brim silo recently had lights installed for people to view the art at night.

Cr Ballentine said this feature gave people a new way to view the trail, which was great for summer.

2. Have a go at recreational water activities

Cr Ballentine said there were plenty of spots throughout the region to have a go at water activities. 

She suggested visiting the pipe-filled lakes in the Yarriambiack Shire and the wetlands in West Wimmera Shire. 

Laura McDougall gets airborne at Lake Fyans on the first day of 2018.

Laura McDougall gets airborne at Lake Fyans on the first day of 2018.

The Wimmera River was a popular destination and Cr Ballentine recommended Dimboola to jump in the water.

“There’s skiing, fishing, walking, camping and bird watching – which is a big one now – which people can enjoy,” she said. 

3. Explore the gems of the region 

Cr Ballentine said the best part of the Wimmera was attractions were wide and varied. 

“We have unique and interesting things to explore in each town,” she said. 

“All you have to do is crawl into town and have a coffee – there’s always someone who will be happy to help you and tell you where the best spots are.” 

She said the region had quaint little towns that people often forgot about. 

“If people plan the day out, a lot of the destinations are just a short drive from Horsham and make a fun, cheap family holiday,” she said.

4. Visit the Pink Lake

Dimboola’s Pink Lake has started to attract more attention. 

Cr Ballentine said the eye-catching landmark makes the perfect opportunity for a photograph. 

She recommended for people visit at sunset. 

“The colour of the sky and the colour of the water makes a perfect scenery and a great photo,” she said. 

5. Take a drive up Mt Arapiles 

Horsham Rural City Council mayor Pam Clarke said the top of Mt Arapiles was always beautiful on a lovely day. 

She said it was the perfect spot to take in the views and stop for a picnic. 

“You can go right up the top to the look out or just below that you can drive off to the right and there’s a beautiful camping spot,” she said. 

“From where you are camping you can just walk out and take in the view right across the Grampians. It’s great for a picnic where the children can climb through the rocks with supervision.” 

6. Journey out to Halls Gap 

Cr Clarke said a drive out to Halls Gap for an ice-cream cone was a special treat for children in the summer. 

While there she said it was a great time to visit the Halls Gap Zoo. 

The zoo has 160 species of animals to observe and opportunities to get up close and personal with a few of the animals. 

“It’s a great activity for the children,” she said. 

7. Discover new camping spots

Cr Clarke said camping was a great activity in the summer and there were many spots perfect to pitch a tent.

“My family goes out to the Rocklands to camp regularly,” she said. 

“The bird life out there is amazing and it’s a beautiful spot to lay back on a chair and look up at the blue sky and trees.” 

Cr Clarke said the best thing about camping was that there was never a dull moment.

“When we go camping we are fishing, on the quad bikes, four-wheeled driving and riding bikes – there’s so much to do,” she said.

8. Take a bike ride along the Wimmera River

Cr Clarke said adventure island on the Wimmera River was a great place to take kids. 

“There is always something for each age and it’s a chance to take a walk or bike ride along the river and go over the new footbridge,” she said. 

Oliver Oman of Horsham, at Adventure Island playground

Oliver Oman of Horsham, at Adventure Island playground

Horsham and Grampians Visitor Information Centre’s Ezra Barry said there were great sealed walking and bike tracks that follow the river. 

“For something a little different taking a bike ride would be an excellent day activity,” he said. 

“It’s also great for parents wanting to take children to some of Horsham’s best playgrounds and picnic spots, as there are several along the river.” 

9. Throw a line in and see what you catch

Mr Barry said the Wimmera had a great selection of lakes with an abundance of fish to catch. 

Whether people are an avid or recreational fisherman, he said it was a great activity to get outdoors into the summer sun. 

“Lakes and rivers such as Taylors Lake, the Wimmera River, Toolondo, Rocklands, Natimuk Lake, Green Lake, Lake Charlegrark, Lake Fyans, Lake Lascelles, Lake Wartook and Lake Bellfield are all great fishing spots,” he said. 

But, he reminded people to come to the information centre for a licence before throwing in a line at one of the lakes.

10. Take a picnic and dip at Green Lake

Mr Barry said Green Lake was a popular destination to take the children swimming to cool down in the heat. 

“It is great for swimming, water skiing and jet skiing on hot summer days,” he said. 

Mr Barry said there were many picnic spots to rest and relax. 

“It’s also perfect to take a picnic too while taking in the sights of the lake and the Grampians in the distance,” he said.