Kenya help this team go all the way? | Photos

This determined trio powered through thunderstorms and heavy rainfall to reach Stawell on Friday as they walked all the way from Melbourne to Horsham.

Zoe Archer, Laura Ronalds and Tanika Thorne walked to raise money and awareness so pupils in a small Kenyan primary school could continue their education.

Ms Thorne spent six months on a volunteering trip in Kenya two years ago and visited the school she was now raising awareness for.

“Back then they only had students up to year three and four,” she said.

“Last year out of the 15 that graduated only three attended high school and this year 30 are expected to graduate, so we are trying to raise as much money and awareness for them so they all get a chance to attend high school.”

The trio completed their “power walk” on Sunday when they walked into Horsham, drenched from the top and soggy underfoot, but pleased nevertheless about their accomplishment. 

Ms Thorne said many motorists and town residents were intrigued by their mission throughout the duration of the 300 kilometre walk. 

“A lot of people would take a second look and question, you’re walking where and for what reason,” she said.

“It has been a great opening to share what we are doing and raise money for the students’ school fees.

“One driver in Beaufort pulled over and when he learnt about what we were doing he took out a $10 note – it has been great to see the generosity of each community.”

The three women stayed at homes of local parishioners and schools along the way.

For more information visit, ‘Kenya Go The Distance?’ on Facebook.