And the most criminal name in Australia is ...

Forget Carl (Williams) and Tony (Mokbel). The most criminal name in Australia is ... Leon.

Law firm Go To Court looked at names from more than 25,000 crimes listed in the website CrimeNet, which collates a database from publicly accessible records, and cross-referenced them with the most popular names in Australia in the last 90 years to produce a list of the top 500 criminal names.

Leon was the most criminal name for men, with 3193 Leons out of 100,000 committing a crime, mostly assault. Robin topped the list for women, but not for "Robin banks" (sorry, that was irresistible), and was the name most associated with fraud offences.

As for the first names of some of the country's most infamous crooks, Tony was 22nd on the list and was more likely to commit burglaries, though an Antonio was mostly associated with drugs. Carl, on the other hand, didn't even make the list.

Ivan was the second-most criminal name and, like serial killer Ivan Milat, murder was just beaten by drug offences as their most-committed crime.

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