FlueCube hits invention list 

GREAT WESTERN - Great Western resident Alan Thomas has come up with a simple and effective fix to the age old problem affecting wood-fuelled home heating appliances.

Mr Thomas' invention, the FlueCube, has been acknowledge with a nomination in the Bendigo Inventor Awards' Agriculture and Environment Sustainability category, with the winner announced tonight.

Mr Thomas developed a flue cowl that is effective in removing atmospheric back pressure caused in typical winter conditions.

The item fixes the issue of one end of the flue having light-hot air rising and the other having heavy-cold air lowering. The greater volume of air is the cold makes for unfair competition and hot air cannot escape.

It can lead to any gasses and particulates that should travel up the pipe finding the nearest exit - Often out the wood fire door and into the living room, which is a serious health issue.

The FlueCube cowl is clever in drawing in the cool air naturally, and as heat travels up the flue and is fanned outward to mix with the cooler air, it allows for a miniature cyclone to spin around the sides of the chamber leaving the flue unobstructed and allowing the heat to travel up.

The result is a fire that is easy to light, smoke is going up the chimney and not inside the home, and the fire reaches its optimum heat faster and burns cleaner - Using less wood.

As well as makingthehome heating environment healthier, users leave the outside environment cleaner too.

Mr Thomas' invention has gone commercial and currently he is selling the FlueCube over the internet.

To find out more information about the item, visit www.fluecube.com.au.

Brendon Thomas with the FlueCube invention. Picture: KERRI KINGSTON

Brendon Thomas with the FlueCube invention. Picture: KERRI KINGSTON


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