Shooters full of confidence in Stawell Eight Ball

GIFT Shooters will charge into the Stawell Eight Ball competition finals full of confidence, after winning their final round clash with ease.

It was an easy victory for Shooters defeating Nash Renegades 13-2, so their confidence will be high ahead of their first final against The Cues.

Shooters were able to take all six of the opening singles matches before dropping just one of the doubles matches and one in the final round.

Aaron Kilpatrick, Sunny Baker and Ian Notting all went through undefeated on the night while Shannon Slorach was the only player to take two games for Renegades.

Eight Ball Rollers were able to defeat Leopold last week and will meet them again tomorrow night in the elimination final.

It was a close contest with Leopold fighting back to win the last three matches, bringing the result within one.

James Bowen was the best player for Eight Ball Rollers winning his three games.

The final result was Leopold going down 8-7.

Gift Hotel came close to securing an upset in their last game for the year, going down 8-7 to The Cues.

Darryl Goodinge was Gift Hotel's only undefeated player while for The Cues both Matt Tyers and Daniel Digney won their three games.

In B grade D-Gad only just defeated the third placed Nash Naturals 8-7.

The result was decided in the last game of the match with D-Gad desperate to take winning form into the finals.

Mighty Helpful would have been disappointed to lose to the bottom placed Easy Going.

Easy Going ed poorly, but were able to fight back and steal some momentum.

Easy Going won all three of the doubles matches and dropped just two of the final singles.

Brooke Dunn and Sue Manor were undefeated on the night and happy to finish their season on a winning note 9-6.

SWAG and Brix Bandits were playing their last game for the season with neither team making finals.

SWAG got the upper hand after the doubles and ran away with the win 9-6.

A Frew Good Men had the week off last week, but will take on D-Gad in the first final tomorrow night.

Finals Fixture

A Grade

Shooters vs The Cues

Eight Ball Rollers vs Leopold

B Grade

D-Gad vs A Frew Good Men

Nash Naturals vs Mighty Helpful


A Grade

Leopold 7 lost to Eight Ball Rollers 8

J Cannata lost to P Maddocks, C Simms lost to J Bowen, G Milojevic def D Tiddy, A Clark lost to R Lee, D Smith def I Walton, M McRae lost to F Rizzo, J Cannata M McRae def P Maddocks D Tiddy, A Clark D Smith lost to R Lee I Walton, C Simms G Milojevic lost to J Bowen F Rizzo, D Smith def P Maddocks, J Cannata lost to J Bowen, C Simms lost to D Tiddy, G Milojevic def R Lee, A Clark def I Walton, M McRae def F Rizzo.

Gift Hotel 7 lost to The Cues 8

D Goodinge def Scott Blachford, G Alborough def Z Blachford, D Taylor lost to M Tyers, J Graham lost to D Digney, J Dowsett def B Hughes, B Decker def J Atkins, J Graham B Decker lost to M Tyers B Hughes, G Alborough D Taylor lost to Z Blachford D Digney, J Dowsett D Goodinge def S Blachford J Atkins, G Alborough lost to M Tyers, B Decker lost to S Blachford, D Taylor def B Hughes, J Graham lost to Z Blachford, J Dowsett lost to D Digney, D Goodinge def J Atkins.

Nash Renegades 2 lost to Gift Shooters 13

T Morris lost to J Lewis, B Colley lost to B McDonald, S Slorach lost to G Cooney, R Hallam lost to A Kilpatrick, A Bullock lost to S Baker, J Gilbert lost to I Notting, B Colley S Slorach def J Lewis B McDonald, A Bullock J Gilbert lost to G Cooney A Kilpatrick, T Morris R Hallam lost to S Baker I Notting, A Bullock lost to J Lewis, T Morris lost to B McDonald, S Slorach def G Cooney, B Colley lost to A Kilpatrick, J Gilbert lost to S Baker, R Hallam lost to I Notting.

B Grade

D-Gad 8 defeated Nash Naturals 7

B Coverdale def J Bunn, A Potter lost to W Oosthuizen, T Quick def A Notting, B Disher lost to M Percell, D Troutbeck lost to M Raeburn, A Blake def S Sharma, B Disher B Coverdale def A Notting M Raeburn, T Quick D Troutbeck lost to J Bunn S Sharma, A Potter A Blake lost to W Oosthuizen M Percell, A Potter def A Notting, B Coverdale lost to J Bunn, T Quick def S Sharma, B Disher lost to M Percell, A Blake def W Oosthuizen, D Troutbeck def M Raeburn.

Mighty Helpful 6 lost to Easy Going 9

J Jenkins def D Stielow, R Coomber def A Jones, S Blachford def S Dean, I Biechelle lost to B Dunn, R Matheson def S Dunn, C Clagett lost to S Manor, S Blachford I Biechelle lost to D Stielow S Dean, J Jenkins R Coomber lost to S Dunn S Manor, R Matheson C Clagett lost to A Jones B Dunn, I Biechelle lost to S Manor, R Matheson def S Dunn, C Clagett lost to I Biechelle, S Blachford lost to D Stielow, J Jenkins def A Jones, R Coomber lost to S Dean.

Brix Bandits 6 lost to SWAG 9

R Walker def B Iseppi, M Seems def B Wilson, C Sheen lost to D Turner, C Kingdom lost to A Hodder, E Holmes lost to D Scott, P Lonesborough def D Erwin, A Resuggan E Holmes lost to B Iseppi A Hodder, M Seems C Kingdom def D Turner D Scott, R Walker C Sheen lost to B Wilson D Erwin, R Walker lost to B Wilson, M Seems def D Turner, C Sheen lost to B Iseppi, E Holmes lost to A Hodder, P Lonesborough def D Erwin, A Resuggan lost to D Scott.


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