Peace Memorial has significant meaning

Hundreds of people drive past the monument along Grampians Road each day, but are they aware of what the historic landmark is there for?

The Peace Memorial on Grampians Road.

The Peace Memorial on Grampians Road.

The monument, which is about six kilometres along Grampians Road and sits beneath trees 100 metres into a paddock, actually marks the site of the first Pleasant Creek settlement, but apparently not even a number of long time Stawell residents are aware of this.

Known as the Peace Memorial, the monument contains a plaque which states the following: Erected July 19, 1919 on the site of Treasury, Commercial Street, Pleasant Creek. Population in 1856 - 56,000.

The 56,000 people, mostly Chinese, had settled in the area in search of gold. The main settlement was no more than the 100 metre distance from where Grampians Road is now and was the first settlement known as Pleasant Creek. As the gold source dried up, the population slowly made its way east, forming a new settlement in the area now known as Stawell West and then progressing to where Stawell's Main Street now exists.

As not many residents are aware of what the monument actually exists for, there are plans in place for a second plaque to be erected on the site in Grampians Road, recognising it as the site where Stawell's origins began.

This will be an excellent way to ensure Stawell's heritage is always remembered and that the site of the historic marker, which many people drive past oblivious to what is actually in the paddock under the masive trees, is finally recognised for its heritage value.


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