Toyota secures tennis premiership

'Oh what a feeling', was the victory cry from the Stawell Toyota team as they clenched the 2013/2014 premiership cup for the Friday night tennis competition.

Stawell Toyota were winners by a narrow three game margin over Crowe Horwath.

On a night perfect for tennis, it was Stawell Toyota who had been Crowe Horwath's nemesis all season, that hit the court running winning nine out of the available 12 sets in the regulation doubles matches.

The sets that Crowe Horwath did win though kept them in the contest as two of the three results were by big margins.

Rod Summers was impressive for the losing team winning 6-0 and 6-1.

As the mixed doubles and singles commenced Toyota had a nine game lead which soon blew out to 14 games after Paul Summers defeated Ethan Blake 6-1 in their singles match.

It was then that the momentum swung and Crowe Horwath lifted to claim the next four sets with Robert Armstrong defeating Aiden Jensz 6-3, Trent Driscoll and Courtney Mcllvride defeating Phil Hutton and Romy Young 7-5, Bob Freeland and Kelly Cosson defeating Charlie Reading and Naomi Hoffman 6-2, and Rod Summers and Narelle O'Shannessy defeating Nick Seeary and Jenny Stevens 6-1.

That brought the scores back to level pegging with only two sets to play.

Stawell Toyota's pair of Nathan Baker and Jemma Clarkson then delivered the goods and gave their side the premiership winning set by defeating Ben Stockdale and Jess Hogg 6-0 to all but seal the victory.

One game was all that was needed for Toyota in the final set which went Crowe Horwath's way 6-3.

The final score saw Stawell Toyota win by a narrow three games.

As they had done all year Toyota had the edge over Crowe Horwath to take home the 2013/2014 premiership cup.

Stawell Toyota 11 sets 86 games def Crowe Horwath 8 sets 83 games

Men: S.Freeland N.Baker def H.Dunn B.Stockdale 7-5, S.Freeland N.Seeary lost to H.Dunn R.Summers 1-6, N.Baker C.Reading def B.Stockdale B.Freeland 6-4, N.Seeary C.Reading def by R.Summers B.Freeland 0-6, P.Hutton A.Jensz def T.Driscoll R.Armstrong 6-3, P.Hutton P.Summers def T.Driscoll E.Blake 6-3, A.Jensz P.Summers def R.Armstrong E.Blake 6-4, Women: J.Bach J.Clarkson def D.Hart J.Hogg 6-2, J.Bach J.Stevens def D.Hart N.O'Shannessy 6-4, J.Clarkson N.Hoffman def J.Hogg K.Cosson 6-4, J.Stevens R.Young def N.O'Shannessy C.Mcllvride 6-4, N.Hoffman R.Young def by K.Cosson C.Mcllvride 4-6. Mixed: S.Freeland J.Bach lost to H.Dunn D.Hart 3-6, N.Baker J.Clarkson def B.Stockdale J.Hogg 6-0, N.Seeary J.Stevens lost to R.Summers N.O'Shannessy 1-6, C.Reading N.Hoffman def by B.Freeland K.Cosson 2-6, P.Hutton R.Young def by T.Driscoll C.Mcllvride 5-7, A.Jensz lost to R.Armstrong 3-6, P.Summers def E.Blake 6-1.

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