Stawell pool numbers on the rise

STAWELL - As the summer season has drawn to a close Stawell Leisure Complex numbers are far more impressive than the last season.

Stawell Leisure Complex Program and Facilities officer, Aiden Lee was impressed with the people who had used the pool this year.

"Overall this summer season has been more successful than previous years," he said.

Aiden put the increase in numbers down to the resurrection of the spa which has been out of order since February and the weather.

"This season the weather has been far more consistent, we have had many days around the early thirties which is when we see the most people come through," he said.

"When it gets up around the forties it is quiet again."

This year has also seen the growth of the water aerobic's classes and swimming lessons.

Class sizes have gone from approximately five people to 16 all of which are steadily using their new water aerobics equipment.

Mr Lee said the majority of the customers were families trying to cool down, but they did see a lot more tourists than they ever have.

"Tourists have taken greater advantage of the pool this season, they tend to see the slides outside and want to try them out."

The slides like every other year are the main attraction for the younger children, while the spa remains a favourite with the older generations.

"It's great to see so many people utilising facilities here, but we would always welcome more," Mr Lee said.

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