Shooters continue their charge

Gift Shooters continue their charge in the Stawell Eight Ball Pool Association A grade competition.

Shooters dominated in the clash against The Gift Hotel dropping just two games on the night.

The Gift Hotel looked at home early in the match when Geoff Alborough and Darryl Goodinge came out and won the opening two singles games, but that was the end of any joy for The Gift Hotel and the Shooters players swooped and won the next 13 games.

Glen Cooney, Bray McDonald, Chris Pascall and Archie Logan all won their three games for Gift Shooters in a dominant performance.

Eight Ball Rollers rolled on with a strong 11-4 win over Nash Renegades.

Renegades were right in the match after the opening singles round with the scores locked at three all.

They were still in contention when Jon Wilson and Peter Wilson won the final doubles games with Eight Ball Rollers leading 5-4.

However, the second round of singles games was the end for the Renegades with the Rollers players winning all six games to force the big win.

Archie Reid led the way for the Rollers with wins in three games.

The closest match of the night was the clash of Brix Bandits and Far Cues with the Bandits sneaking home for an 8-7 win in the last game of the night.

The second round of doubles games saw the match lead see saw. With just one game to play the scores were locked at seven all.

In the final game of the night Bandits' George Milojevic won out to give Brix Bandits victory.

Matches were clear cut in the B grade division, the biggest win of the night coming from Nash Naturals, 12-3 over Nash Knights.

A Frew Good Men looked in trouble against Never Hammered when after the opening two games of the second round of singles they trailed 5-6.

The remaining four games went to script for A Frew Good Men, they won all four to grab a 9-6 win.

Dilligaf were the big winners with a 13-2 over Miss Qs, with Aaron Blake, Bob Disher and Bob Coverdale all winning three games.

A grade

Brix Bandits 8 defeated Far Cues 7.

J Cannata d D Digney, A Clark d J Atkins, C Simms lost to C Blachford, S Sanger lost to Z Blachford, C Gallagher lost to M Tyers, G Molojevic d M Newton; C Simms S Sanger d M Tyers M Newton, C Gallagher G Milojevic lost to S Blachford Z Blachford, J Cannata A Clark d D Digney J Atkins; J Cannata lost to M Newton, S Sanger d M Tyers, C Simms lost to J Atkins, A Clark d Z Blachford, C Gallagher lost to S Blachford, G Milojevic d D Digney.

Gift Shooters 13 defeated The Gift Hotel 2.

A Kilpatrick lost to G Alborough, J Lewis lost to D Goodinge, G Cooney d J Dowsett, B McDonald d R Ross, C Pascall d R Pickering, A Logan d G Mussett; A Kilpatrick G Cooney d D Goodinge R Ross, J Lewis B McDonald d G Alborough J Dowsett, C Pascall A Logan d R Pickering G Mussett; A Logan d R Ross, J Lewis d G Alborough, A Kilpatrick d D Goodinge, G Cooney d J Dowsett, B McDonald d R Pickering, C Pascall d T Molan.

Nash Renegades 4 lost to Eight Ball Rollers 11.

A Sheen lost to P Maddocks, L Wilson d D Tiddy, A Bullock d J Bowen, C Slorach d R Lee, B Colley lost to I Walton, P Wilson lost to A Reid; C Slorach B Colley lost to D Tiddy J Bowen, A Sheen A Bullock lost to R Lee A Reid, J Wilson P Wilson d P Maddocks I Walton; C Slorach lost to P Maddocks, P Wilson lost to R Lee, A Sheen lost to D Tiddy, B Colley lost to J Bowen, A Bullock lost to I Walton, J Wilson lost to A Reid.

B grade

Never Hammered 6 lost to A Frew Good Men 9.

I Notting lost to M Taylor, D Scott lost to S Nolte, W Oosthuizen d J Keilar, S Glanvill lost to S Hayward, A Notting d G Elliott, G Notting lost to A Elliott; D Scott W Oosthuizen lost to S Hayward G Elliott, I Notting G Notting d J Keilar A Elliott, S Glanvill A Notting d M Taylor S Nolte; W Oosthuizen d S Nolte, D Scott d M Taylor, G Notting lost to S Hayward, S Glanvill lost to G Elliott, A Notting lost to J Keilar, I Notting lost to A Elliott.

Nash Naturals 12 defeated Nash Knights 3.

J Bunn d D Holland, B Parcell lost to S Martin, M Raeburn lost to A Walker, B Dougall d S Blachford, M Percival d L Chalmers, J Carroll d T Lasslett; J Bunn B Dougall d D Holland T Lasslett, B Parcell J Carroll d A Walker S Martin, M Raeburn M Percival d L Chalmers S Blachford; J Carroll d D Holland, J Bunn d T Lasslett, B Parcell d S Blachford, M Percival d L Chalmers, B Dougall d S Martin,M Raeburn lost to A Walker.

Miss Qs 2 lost to Dilligaf 13.

B Dunn lost to A Blake, A Jones lost to A Potter, S Manor lost to B Disher, S Dunn lost to D Troutback, S Dean lost to B Coverdale, R Walker lost to G Johnston; B Dunn S Dunn lost to B Disher B Coverdale, A Jones S Manor d D Troutback G Jamieson, S Dean R Walker lost to A Blake A Potter; S Manor d A Potter, R Walker lost to A Blake A Jones lost to G Jamieson, S Dunn lost to B Coverdale, S Dean lost to B Disher, B Dunn lost to D Troutback.

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