Lake Lonsdale Action Group seeks answers over lake's draining

Lake Lonsdale Action Group president, Ray Howard, has questioned the reasoning behind Mt William Creek being included in the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority's environmental flows.

Mr Howard has written to the Wimmera CMA chief executive officer, David Brennan, requesting a copy of the group's submission to GWM Water for environmental flows for Lake Lonsdale for this summer.

He said it had also come to the group's notice, that the Wimmera CMA is now including Mt William Creek in the environmental flows for the Victorian Environmental Water Holders Seasonal Watering Plan.

Mr Howard, in his letter to Mr Brennan, has posed the question as to why this had occurred.

"Can I ask why Mt William Creek has now been included in the plan as it has never before been in it?" Mr Howard said.

"Fyans Creek is also a tributary that is also a part of the Wimmera River system. So, why isn't it that environmental flows are not taken from Lake Bellfield?

"I would also like to stress that Lake Lonsdale is currently holding only 14,670 megalitres while Lake Bellfield is holding 69,148 ML.

"The current low levels in Lake Lonsdale will have a significant impact not only on our community's social and recreational activities, but also on our local businesses and tourism.

"I would trust that you would take into account the effect the release from Lake Lonsdale will have on our community. I would ask that you immediately request GWM Water to take alternative measures to fulfill your summer environmental requirements.

"It would appear that there is enough water in the system as GWMWater have just completed topping up Green Lake for recreational purposes."

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