Shooters avoid a bullet

Gift Shooters dodged a bullet to emerge winners in the A grade division of the Stawell Eight Ball Pool Association.

Shooters looked to have the match against Brix Bandits well in their keeping, only to see Bandits fire the big runs in the second round of singles games.

Going into the second singles round Shooters held a 7-2 advantage, but the gap quickly closed when the first five players up for Bandits reversed the outcome of the first round to register wins and suddenly the scores were locked together at seven games all.

It was down to the last game of the match and Sunny Baker who had lost his first round singles produced the goods for Gift Shooters to force an 8-7 Shooters win.

The story was similar in the clash of Eight Ball Rollers and The Gift Hotel.

The opening round singles for Gift were a shocker with Eight Ball Rollers winning five of the six games.

The Gift combinations evened things up winning the three doubles games and when Geoff Alborough, Joel Dowsett and Daryl Goodinge won the opening three second round singles games The Gift had taken a 7-5 lead.

Archie Reid and Rod Lee then evened the score for Eight Ball Rollers, but a win to Gary Mussett in the final round of the night was enough to get The Gift Hotel over the line 8-7.

A big finish from Far Cues saw another 8-7 result, with victory over Nash Renegades.

Matt Newton, Matt Tyers and Scott Blachford started the fightback for Far Cues winning the opening three second singles games and then a win in the final game of the night for Daniel Digney sealed victory for Far Cues.

In B grade Never Hammered did in fact hammer their Nash Natural opposition to the tune of a 12-3 win.

Wins in all six second round singles games sealed the big result for Never Hammered.

A Frew Good Men continue to chalk up wins and this time the win came against Miss Qs with an 11-4 result.

A strong start from A Frew Good Men with wins in five of the opening singles games set up the win.

The closest clash in B grade was that between Dilligafs and Nash Knights.

Neither team could grab an advantage and it was down to the final game of the night, which saw Adam Walton win out to give Nash Knights the 8-7 win.

A grade

Nash Renegades 7 lost to Far Cues 8.

A Sheen lost to S Blachford, A Bullock d D Dingley, B Colley d Z Bachford, J Wilson d M Tyers, C Slorach lost to J Atkins, S Slorach d M Newton; A Bullock C Slorach lost to M Tyers M Newton, A Sheen J Wilson d SW Blachford J Atkins, B Colley S Slorach d D Digney Z Bachford; A Sheen lost to M Newton, J Wilson lost to M Tyers, C Slorach lost to S Blachford, B Colley d Z Blachford, S Slorach d J Atkins, A Bullock lost to D Digney.

Gift Shooters 8 defeated Brix Bandits 7.

J Lewis d K Digney, B McDonald d W Simms, G Cooney d C Simms, A Kilpatrick d C Gallaher, S Baker lost to G Milo, A Logan d (No Name); J Lewis G Cooney lost to K Digney W Simms, B McDonald A Kilpatrick d C Simms C Gallaher, S Baker A Logan d G Milo (No Name); J Lewis lost to K Digney, A Logan lost to W Simms, B McDonald lost to C Gallagher, G Cooney lost to G Milo, A Kilpatrick lost to C Simms, S Baker d (No Name).

Eight Ball Rollers 7 lost to The Gift Hotel 8.

P Maddocks lost to G Alborough, I Walton d D Goodinge, D Tiddy d R Ross, J Bowen d J Dowsett, R Lee d R Pickering, A Reid d G Mussett; P Maddocks I Walton lost to G Alborough J Dowsett, D Tiddy J Bowen lost to R Pickering G Mussett, R Lee A Reid lost to D Goodinge, R Ross; D Tiddy lost to G Alborough, J Bowen lost to J Dowsett, P Maddocks lost to D Goodinge, A Reid d R Ross, R Lee d R Pickering, I Walton lost to G Mussett.

B grade

Dilligafs 7 lost to Nash Knights 8.

R Coverdale lost to A Walton, D Troutback lost to S Martin, G Jamieson d E Dumesny, R Disher d R Matheson, A Blake d S Blachford, A Potter lost to P Martin; R Disher B Wilson lost to R Matheson S Blachford, D Troutback G Jamieson lost to A Walton E Dumesny, A Blake A Potter d S Martin P Martin; R Coverdale d S Blachford, A Potter lost to S Martin, G Jamieson d P Martin, R Disher lost to R Matheson, D Troutrback d E Dumesny, A Blake lost to A Walton.

Nash Naturals 3 lost to Never Hammered 12.

B Dougall lost to I Notting, J Bunn lost to D Turner, M Raebuurn lost to S Glanville, B Parcell lost to A Notting, M Percival d J Gilbert, J Carroll lost to W Oosthuizen; B Dougall J Bunn d I D Turner W Oosthuizen, B Parcell M Raeburn lost to S Glanville A Notting, M Percival J Carroll d I Notting J Gilbertt; J Carroll lost to D Turner, B Parcell lost to W Oosthuizen, B Dougall lost to S Glanville, J Bunn lost to A Notting, M Raeburn lost to J Gilbert, M Percival lost to I Notting.

MissQs 4 lost to A Frew Good Men 11.

B Dunn lost to S Nolte, A Jones lost to J Keilar, R Sheen lost to S Hayward, S Manor lost to G Elliott, S Dunn lost to M Taylor, A Dean d A Elliott; S Manor S Dunn lost to S Nolte J Keilar, B Dunn R Sheen d G Elliott A Elliott, A Jones S Dean lost to S Hayward M Taylor; S Manor d S Nolte, S Dunn lost to M Taylor, A Jones lost to S Hayward, B Dunn d G Elliott, R Sheen lost to A Elliott, S Dean lost to J Keilar.

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