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5 Home security tips for regional homes

5 Home security tips for regional homes

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Home security is a priority for all, whether you live in a bustling capital city or reside in a quieter regional home. When life gets busy, optimising our homes for safety gets pushed to the next weekend and then the next... but we can all be robbed at any time.

Today we are going to cover five of the top home security tips that you can put into motion right away to ensure that your home remains safe from the growing number of threats that exist beyond our front door. Now let's get into it.

Quality locks

This might seem like the most obvious tip but it is easily the most underestimated. Our home locks are often the only thing keeping someone from entering our homes, so it is critical that you work with a reliable locksmith to improve your home security.

If you have bought a home and never got around to changing the locks, start the process so that you know only you have access to the keys to your home. You can also add or replace locks around the homes where necessary, as we all have a side door, back door or window that has a weak lock.

Home security cameras

Security cameras are not only for spy movies, but they are actually becoming a pretty standard feature in most homes.

You can get a modern home security system that connects with your home so that you receive a notification if there is movement on your property, or you can even choose a more standard offering that simply monitors your entry points. Don't be left wishing you had installed a home security camera sooner.

Communicate with your neighbours

Communicating with your neighbours isn't always as easy as it sounds when you live regionally, but it can really be worth the effort.

Telling your neighbours when you are on holiday means that they will keep a wary eye on your home and notice activity when there shouldn't be any.

You can also look out for cars and people who are loitering in the area and keep each other informed with either a phone tree or a neighbourhood Facebook group.

Get home insurance

You might not consider this a security tip but when you get home insurance they are actually very helpful in optimising your home for security.

In fact, your premium and overall home insurance costs can be reduced if you show proof of things like security cameras and reinforced doors.

Your insurance provider wants to know that you are working to create a secure home, so next time you speak with them ask them for more tips or see if they have any incentive offers.


If you have been looking for a justification to get that new fence or plant that hedge - consider this it! Gates, fences and hedges provide the ultimate home screen that gives you some privacy and keeps sinister eyes off your home.

You might not think that something as simple as this would ward off a burglar, but consider it a point of friction that they don't want to deal with and will, unfortunately, seek a home more easily accessible.

You also have the added benefit of these screening features adding value to your home as the next buyer will see value in that security function.


You might find it uncomfortable to think about all the ways in which your home is vulnerable but be inspired to act and remove those weak links.

Working with a great locksmith will make the process easier as they usually also install security cameras and might be able to integrate a secure strategy for you.