Road Boss Rally headed to Dimboola and Quambatook

THE Road Boss car rally are revving up the engines to head towards the Wimmera. 

The rally will visit Dimboola on Saturday and Quambatook on July 17, which is the second to last stop on the ten day trek.

More than 200 people aboard 70 character vehicles are travelling the backroads from Brisbane to Booligal. Dimboola and Quambatook are among the nine towns that can expect the convoy to roll through town.  

Founder Jamie Lawson said drivers from across Australia – and one from the United States – have joined the adventure to help make a difference in small communities across four states. 

“Most people who leave Brisbane take it nice and easy – cruising the highways. We’re not doing that, we take the hard road and the long way around,” he said. 

Mr Lawson said the rally teamed up with GIVIT to find out exactly what the communities they visit need. He said the rally entrants will help the communities get what they need by donating the money they raise to GIVIT who help some of Australia’s most impoverished people.