Network Video Stawell will continue to remain open for the time being

Network Video Stawell
Network Video Stawell

NETWORK Video Stawell is set to remain open for the foreseeable future. 

This comes after the video shop said it was going to close on June 30 last month. 

Network Video Stawell owner Kimberley Gehan said the decision to keep the shop open was made several weeks a go. 

“Since we announced we were going to close, the support from the community to stay open has been amazing. We just hope the support continues,” she said. 

“We are still selling a lot of our stock to cover our outstanding bills, but will do our best to stay open for the time being.” 

Ms Gehan said the shop is still getting new movies in for hire. 

Network Video Stawell will reassess if they can continue to stay open in November. 

The video store is one of the last one’s left in the Wimmera. The next nearest video store is in Hamilton.