New sprung floor makes "massive impact" for Stawell gymnasts

Stawell Gymnastic Club’s new sprung floor is already making “a massive impact” for all of its members.

The old “dead” floor was replaced in May, with years of fundraising allowing the club to purchase a top of the range floor.

The new surface has allowed the club’s members to try more expansive routines with less of an impact on their joints.

Stawell Gymnastics Club head coach Elissa Chalmers said she has seen an “immediate improvement” from everyone at the club.

“Their tumbling is way more powerful and they are getting much more height in the air too,” she said.

“It is has made their tumbling safer straight away. We have had lots of comments from the kids that their knees and ankles aren’t as sore as what they were on our old floor.”

The new floor that has been installed is similar to floors used at Olympic Games.

Chalmers said the new floor will allow the gymnasts to develop at a quicker rate.

“The kids can improve their skills and advance to higher difficulties more rapidly because they feel confident in the surface,” she said.

“It is especially beneficial for those kids just starting out. It will make their tumbling more achievable.”

Chalmers said the old floor was never unsafe but the new surface may help the club with member retention.

“Hopefully it makes people stick around longer because they won’t get as sore from before,” she said.

The club is thriving at the moment, with many classes at capacity. Chalmers said the club is in a healthy spot.

“Most of our classes are full, especially the recreational ones,” she said.

“Competition season is about the get underway which everyone is really looking forward to as well.”​