Display of talent selected for junior match

SHANE Cross and Matt Summers agree the exhibition match between some of the best under-17 footballers in the Wimmera league will be a great chance for them to showcase their skills.

Each team in the league will be represented in the match to be played in place of game between junior Wimmera and Bellarine representative sides. 

Aiden Graveson, Bailey Taylor and Cooper Reading will represent the Warriors in the White team while Stawell’s Lachie Cox and Jacob Salmi will play in the Blue team.

Ararat’s Brody Griffin and Rhiely McKinnis were selected in the White team while club teammates Cody Lindsay, Baydn Cosgriff and DJ Woods will be opponents for the day after being allocated to the Blue team.

Cross said he looked forward to the prospect of just seeing the boys play football.

“I’m not focused on structures because I want the players to have one-on-one opportunities,” he said.

Summers said seeing top-age under-17 players battle it out will make for a great match.

“I hope it’s fairly free-flowing and open contest but at the same time we obviously want the players to show they can quickly adapt to play within the team,” he said. 

“The last thing we want is for the players to play selfish football.”


Wimmera White: Josh Lees, Riley Bryan, Matt Wynne, Jayden Scott, Becker Irwin, Riley McKinnis , Jordan Delahunty, Aiden Graveson, Bailey Taylor, Dane Stewart, Declan Powell, Brody Griffin, Brayden Gebert, Will Kennedy, Angus Wheaton, Jack Pidgeon, Will Griffiths, Cooper Reading, Oliver Kemp, Tom O’Dwer, Conner McRedden, Solly Marshall, Sean McKenzie, Tristan Rayes.

Wimmera Blue: Lachie Cox, Jordan Weyburg, Cody Vifenser, Benson Miller, Will Brennan, Lachie Stewart, Jacob Glare, Cody Lindsay, Baydn Cosgriff, Bailey Nelson, DJ Woods, Syd Welsh, Jacob Butcher, Jacob Salmi, Jarrd Dahlenburg, Charlie Penny, Zac O’Brien, Mitchell Jorgensen, Flynn Grace, Matt Penny, Chris Eldridge, Nic Stamoudis, Mitch Jones, Tyson Harris.