Stawell sub-branch is well on the way with fundraising for the ANZAC Appeal

APPEAL: Raising money for the ANZAC Appeal. Picture: Alice Rennison.

APPEAL: Raising money for the ANZAC Appeal. Picture: Alice Rennison.

The 2018 ANZAC Appeal is well on the way.

Geoffery Reading from Stawell’s sub branch is confident the community will once again generously support the RSL’s ANZAC Appeal. 

“Each and every volunteer is determined to get into the community and not only sell ANZAC Appeal badges, share their stories and experiences,” Mr Reading said.

The Appeal raises funds for the delivery of a range of support services to past and current members of the Australian Defence Force. 

Support services may include “assistance such as medical bills, emergency home repairs, food vouchers and relief from social isolation,” RSL Victoria’s Appeals manager Peter Smith said.  

“Providing premium welfare services is a top priority RSL Victoria and the ANZAC Appeal makes this happen.”

RSL’s were founded in 1916 in Australia to provide support to veterans and their families.

“Each RSL sub-branch in Victoria plays a vital role within their community and for many veterans, the sub-branch is the social and welfare hub that they know and love,” Mr Smith said.  

The ANZAC Appeal’s vision is for all current and former service personnel and their families, who are in need of assistance, get the support they need.

ANZAC Appeal badges are available from Woolworths, Officeworks, RSL sub-branches or from volunteer collectors. 

Mr Reading said “our RSL volunteers, many of them veterans, are ready to offer a variety of ANZAC Appeal badges.

“The high of energy and commitment shown by our sub-branch volunteers as they raise much needed funds, is truly humbling.”