Stawell SES urge motorists to slow down after truck rollover on Western Highway

Emergency services attended to a truck which had rolled over on Western Highway on Saturday morning. 

“We thought the driver had been trapped, but when we got there he was out of the truck,” Stawell SES duty officer Jenny Rooke said. 

The driver was taken to hospital, as a precaution, with minor injuries.

Ms Rooke reminded drivers to be cautious when passing emergency workers.

​“When you see an emergency vehicle with activated red, blue or purple lights you must slow down to or be attempting to slow down to 40 kilometres an hour,” Ms Rooke said. 

In Victoria, motorists legally have to slow down to 40 kilometres per hour, if they see an emergency vehicle stationary or slowing down and has flashing lights and/or an alarm sounding. 

The infringement penalty for breaching the road rule is a fine of $272.05, with a maximum penalty of $777.30.  

“It was the first time we (Stawell SES) really noticed that some drivers don’t slow down for emergency workers,” because the road is usually blocked, Ms Rooke said. 

The truck had rolled off the road. 

Stawell Police said people driving fast past emergency service vehicles happens “regularly”. 

Ms Rooke said “emergency service workers could easily get injured from passing motorists, it’s quite dangerous.”