Ash Driscoll hurt as Navarre struggle in grand final rematch

Ash Driscoll

Ash Driscoll

Carisbrook has sent an early warning sign to the Maryborough Castlemaine District league after defeating Navarre by 87 points on Saturday. 

The Grasshoppers entered the grand final rematch with a much different looking side to the one that lost to the Redbacks in the decider last season.

New Navarre coach Kyle Hendy said his side was outplayed in the twilight match.

“They were just a lot quicker, fitter and smarter than we were,” he said.

“They worked well together because they have had so many years together which was clear.

“Having said that, in the first quarter we weren’t too far off the mark until we lost a couple of players.”

Sam Kaye was given a yellow card while crucial forward Ash Driscoll suffered a knee injury.

They were just a lot quicker, fitter and smarter...

Kyle Hendy

Hendy said it is too soon to speculate on the seriousness of Driscoll’s injury.

“Hopefully it is nothing too major. He will have scans this week to determine what is wrong and how long he might be out for,” he said.

Despite the lop-sided scoreline Hendy said he will take positives out of the loss.

“The boys worked together pretty well but there is still a long way to go,” he said.

“I think we can build on our communication between each other and especially with the younger players but that will come with time.”

Louis Hannett and Josh Fowkes were once again the go to men for Navarre, leading the way in the loss.

Hendy said the two will be crucial throughout the season.

“They showed why they have been leaders at the club and they will once again be at the front pushing us forward this year,” he said.