Collection day for eucalyptus tree seeds

A field day for collecting, growing and knowing indigenous eucalyptus species will be held on April 17.  

The Seed Collection Field day will be hosted by Project Platypus, who was granted funded for the day by Eucalypt Australia. 

Events on the day include where, when and how to collect seeds with Seeding Victoria’s Dan Frost. 

Other events include a photography master class with ecologist Chris Tzaros, among other events. 

Seeds from eucalyptus trees and other indigenous plants will be collected for ‘Project Platypus Upper Wimmera Landcare PLANTOUTS’ in 2019. 

Project Platypuses local landcare facilitator Andrea Mitchell said she wants the day to also focus on “the big picture and for people to learn more about eucalyptus and other indigenous plants”. 

Ms Mitchell also wants “people to value those eucalyptus plants,” as well as valuing the “human connection with trees”. 

The collection day will start at 10am to 3pm on April 17 from the corner of Pyrenees highway and Buangor- Ben Nevis road.