Katter pushes for a Queensland split

State member for KAP, Robbie Katter pushes to split Queensland. Photo: Supplied.
State member for KAP, Robbie Katter pushes to split Queensland. Photo: Supplied.

State member for KAP, Robbie Katter is leading a new push to split Queensland into North and South Queensland.

Every State MP and mayor north, and from, Rockhampton, will be invited by state KAP Leader Robbie Katter to sign a request for the Premier to fund an independent investigation in to the creation of a new North Queensland State.

Mr Katter said he would write to each elected member requesting they become a signatory to the North Queensland Agreement.

“The NQA is an agreement between all mayor and state MPs to put pressure on the state government to establish an independent body to investigate and report on a Queensland secession plan,” Mr Katter said.

“We have seen New Zealand removed as a colony of New South Wales and Queensland created as a separate state from New South Wales, similarly with South Australia, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

“It’s not rocket science, we know there are plenty of precedents of drawing and redrawing state boundaries in Australia’s history. When people saw the need for a secession it happened – it was just a matter of will.”

One of the drivers of creating Queensland out of New South Wales, which occurred in 1859, was because people in the northern Australia were too far away from the central Government – based in Sydney.

“This is the very same issue that North Queensland faces today,” Mr Katter said.

“Brisbane is just 900km from Sydney, much closer than the 1700km to Cairns, the 1300km to Townsville, or the 1800km to Mount Isa.

“I’m am passionate about this becoming a reality and this passion is fed by the support of many Northern Queenslanders who are represented by the KAP.

“I know there is a lot of work to be done and we need to have a well-informed debate.

“The independent body will undertake work to look at the social, cultural, legal and economic benefits and costs of secession,” he said.

Mr Katter said elected officials could declare their support by becoming signatories to the North Queensland Agreement.

“Clearly, this will require a funding commitment from the Government. There is sufficient evidence that economic, social and political forces warrant an independent and objective investigation into the costs and benefits of establishing a new North Queensland State.