Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says federal health deal would cut funding for Stawell Regional Health and Grampians.

During a visit to Stawell Regional Health, Victorian Premier Andrews said he would not sign up to a new health funding deal with the federal government under its current terms.

 Mr Andrews said the terms offered by the federal government did not pass “important tests”.

“We are all about funding health properly,” Mr Andrews said.

“Sadly, many of you have learnt that I did not sign up to the commonwealth health agreement that was put before us a few weeks ago at the Council of Australian Governments meeting,” he said.

MR Andrews and Health Minister Jill Hennessy announced a $2.2 million package for upgrading critical cooling and heating systems during a tour of Stawell Regional Health on Friday.

Mr Andrews said he could not support a deal that placed limits on how much the federal government would contribute.

“The deal is supposed to be a partnership where we do 50 per cent and the commonwealth does 50 per cent; that’s not what’s being offered. 

“The Commonwealth would do 45 per cent and they would cap the total amount of investment that would put in whereas out contribution would be more than half and it would be uncapped.

“I think everyone in this room knows that you can’t cap health funding; if someone is here and needs urgent care you can’t say ‘well, we’ve reached the cap, just come back next quarter.”

Mr Andrews claimed Stawell hospital and Stawell Regional health would be $3.3 million worse off over five years from 2020 as part of the offer.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt had previously said Mr Andrews had made “false claims” over Victoria losing out in a new health deal.

“It’s incredibly disappointing to see Daniel Andrews trying to scaremonger vulnerable cancer patients.

“It’s a pretty low act,” Mr Hunt said.

“The Andrews Government is not only lying but has no shame.

“The truth is that Commonwealth funding for Victorian hospitals is increasing to record levels every year.”

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