Stawell Golf Club men’s championships postponed

2017 champ Tim Coffey

2017 champ Tim Coffey

Persistent heat throughout January has forced the Stawell Golf Club to postpone its 2018 men’s championships scheduled to take place in February. 

The club’s match committee decided to delay the event to give the course time to recover after a string of hot days.

Club men's captain Richard Hackwill said the club will wait until they believe the course is up to scratch.

“There was concern with the effect the heat would have had on the course, particularly after last weekend,” he said.

“We couldn’t be certain we would provide the best course by the end of the championships.

“The heat has been significant so we will be assessing how the course is and making a decision when we believe it is ready.”

The championships were scheduled to commence on February 10. No alternative date for the championships has been set.


The club decided to move the championships from its usually time of May to February after a drop off in numbers last year. 

Hackwill said the club is continuing to work on what time best suits the majority of golfers.

“It was going to be the first time we had them in February,” he said.

“It has been held in May for a while but we have looked to try and improve participation since numbers dropped last year. It can be wet and cold in May which is far from ideal.”

While the championships will remain at three rounds, Hackwill said the club is open to changing the schedule of the rounds.

“We will discuss with the members whether having the three rounds over three weekends is still the preferred method,” he said.

“We will be in touch with as many golfers as we can to get their thoughts on what should happen.”