Lightning strike causes school to be left in the dark

Pupils at Concongella Primary School took an unexpected trip to Stawell last Friday after lightning struck a nearby electricity pole, causing the school to be without any power and water.

Principal Kristie Miller said she made 50 phone calls between 8.10am and 9.15am to families, Powercore, Grampians Community Health and Sandlants Bus Company.

Grampians Community Health agreed to host the 18 pupils attending school that day.

“We are grateful for that gesture, otherwise we would have needed to close the school,” Ms Miller said.

“The kids had access to facilities they wouldn’t normally – they even went over to the Stawell Library and had story time.

“We were taken care of, given milk in the morning and were supplied with a room on the top floor overlooking the Grampians – we are very grateful for Grampians Community Health’s help."

It came after a wild three days of lightning, wind and rainfall hit the region, but not as seriously as initial forecasts suggested.