Stawell Show 2017 | Mega gallery

Stawell residents flocked to the town’s annual Stawell Show at the weekend. 

2017 Stawell Show Results:

Lucky Gate Prize; $200 voucher Donated by David O Jones Mitre 10, Leon Monaghan

Zycom Cruz Scooter Blue/white; Donated by Pykes Pets & Cycles, Charlotte Moss

Zycom Cruz Scooter Purple/teal; Donated by Pykes Pets & Cycles, Mary Mae Dela Cerna

24” Malvern Star; Donated by Stawell Agricultural Society, Seth Blake

Gate Consolation $100 voucher; Donated by Careys Covers, Susie Powell

Gate Consolation $75 voucher; Donated by Darcy’s Restaurant, Sue Greene

Members Gate Prize; Donated by Magdala Motor Lodge, Ken & Cheryl Hall

Members Consolation; Donated by Rayners Fruit & Veg Wholesalers, Geoff & Di Erwin

Beaut Utes        

1st; Rob Humphrey

2nd; P Wilson

B & S Ute            

1st; Russell Chambers

2nd; Jamie Wilson

Feral Ute            

1st; Anthony Holden                              

Classic Car/Muscle car

1st; Robert Briggs

2nd; Jim Leithhead

Best Hot Rod    

1st; Geoff Pyke

Best Female ute/car

1st; Carol Chamber

2nd; Casey Rickard

Best Motorbike

1st; Dean Cameron

2nd; J Bell

Best Historical/Vintage                               

1st; John Fitzell


Champion Fleece of Show; Scott Nicholson

Champion Merino Fleece; Scott Nicholson

Champion Crossbred Fleece; Steve West

Superfine & Fine Wool Merino Ewe/Wether Fleece; Phil Hall

Medium Wool Merino Ewe/Wether Fleece 64s count; Scott Nicholson

Strong Extra strong Wool Merino Ewe/Wether Fleece  -

Merino Ram Fleece, bred by exhibitor; Scott Nicholson

Merino Ram Fleece, not necessarily bred by exhibitor; Julie Colbert

Merino Lamb’s wool, superfine or fine 1kg -

Merino Lamb’s Wool, medium or strong 1kg; Steve West

Strong Wool – other than Merino; J & Z Hall                             

Guess the Micron Competition; Hayley Cox         

Sheaf Tossing:

Championship Toss

1st; Andrew Peterkin- 14 mts

2nd; Sheridan Holland-13.5 mts

3rd; Callum Murphy-11.5 mts

Open Handicap Toss                                      

1st; Adam Murphy- 11.5 + 5

2nd; John Sagasser- 11 + 4.75 on count back

3rd; Callum Murphy- 11.5 + 4.25

Novice Toss                                                       

1st; Adam Murphy- 11.5 + 2

2nd; Callum Murphy- 11 + 1.25 on count back

3rd; Llewellyn Clark- 11 + 1.25

Showgirl Competition:

Master Tiny Tots

Winner; William Holt       

Runner up; Naahtai Edwards

Miss Tiny Tots                  

Winner; Patience McKinnon

Runner up; Milla Freeland

Miss Junior Showgirl     

Winner; Chelsea Walker

Runner up; Holley Eagles

Miss Show Girl                

Winner; Indi O’Callaghan

Runner up; India Warren

Colouring Competition:

Prep & Kinder

1st; Terea ToJo- St Pats  PS                          

2nd; Kelsey- Marrang Kinder               

3rd; Zaharah- Concongella PS

Grades 1 & 2

1st; Blake Davidson- Stawell PS

2nd; Bonnie- Halls Gap PS

3rd; Anna- Halls Gap PS

Grades 3 & 4

1st; Brodie- St Pats PS

2nd; Keiley- St Pats PS

3rd; Zali- Stawell West PS

Grades 5 & 6

1st; William Beaton- Stawell PS

2nd; Lexi Collins- Stawell PS

3rd; Bridie Giles- St Pats PS

Skene Street


1st; Em

2nd; Ethan


1st; Rachel Lewis

2nd; James

3rd; Jasmine Walker               


2017 Best Print of Show; Trudy Russell- Class 36- Print 11.

Advanced Aggregate

1st; Jessica Hodder- 44 points

Runner Up; John Simpkin

Open Class Aggregate

1st; Lyn MacKenzie- 38 points

Runner Up; Chantelle Giles

Open Black/White Aggregate

1st; Jessica Hodder- 12 pts

Runner Up; Lyn MacKenzie

Novice Aggregate

1st; Bruce Thomas- 17pts

Runner Up; Trudy Russell

Secondary School Student Aggregate

1st; Emma Hateley- 22 pts

Runner Up; Brodie Friebel

Primary School Student Aggregate

1st; Ella Wilson- 8pts

Runner Up; Alex Simpkin

Home Brew Competition:

Best Light Home Brew; Pat Browne

Best Dark Home Brew; Nathan Baker