Dimboola Show offered a variety of fun

THERE was never a dull moment at the Dimboola Show on Saturday. 

As show-goers wandered there were new activities to discover. 

The sideshow offered all the carnival fun where joyous screams from the Hurricane and uncontrollable laughter on the bouncy castle could be heard throughout the grounds. 

The animal nursery had baby chicks and piglets resting peacefully in its hay. Meanwhile children found thrills holding snakes of all sizes and patting a friendly wombat named Willow. 

The pavilion was packed to the brim with photography displays, cakes, grain and fodder, crafts and more. 

In pretty dresses little girls roamed the showgrounds getting ready to claim the title of Miss Showgirl 2017. 

Dimboola Show animal nursery

Dimboola Agricultural Society treasurer Ian Bridgewater said the annual show had a great turnout. 

He said visitor numbers were low in the morning, but as the day progressed it only improved.

The show’s official opening was at 1.45pm with the annual showgirl competition.  

“You only have to look to see that the crowd is getting bigger as the day goes on,” Mr Bridgewater said. 

The sideshow alley returned once again to offer all the carnival fun. 

Mr Bridgewater said the sideshow was active with visitors wandering through for food and fun on the rides. 

He said the show’s pavilion was another main attraction this year. 

“Entries have been exceptional with the photography section particularly good this year,” he said.

“The turnout for our horse events have also been good.” 

Mr Bridgewater said the children enjoyed the hands-on experience in the animal nursery. 

He said the children loved playing with the baby animals.

“We also had Tooko Wildlife Display attend this year and it has been very popular with the children,” he said. 

“There are always kids over there holding a snake or patting the wombat.” 

Mr Bridgewater said the coach rides were well patronised and constantly going.

Tooko Wildlife Display’s Mark Morris said children were coming and going throughout the day. 

He said children came in waves to see the wild animals including pythons, a wombat, a dingo and cockatoos.  

“The children have been loving the animals, but more than anything they love holding the snakes,” he said.

Dimboola Show sideshow alley

Dimboola’s Seth Dixon, 7, said the animals were his favourite part about the show. 

He said he held both the diamond python and a “really big” python as well. 

Dimboola Stephanie Glover said she had a fun day with friends.

She said she had looked at the exhibits, the animals and would go on the rides in the afternoon. 

“It’s the variety that I like most about the show,” she said. 

“There is always something for everyone – animals, food, rides and the showgirl competition.”

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