Kitten trio 'heartlessly' left for dead on piece of newspaper

A small litter of kittens was found heartlessly dumped in the Stawell Ironbarks reserve on a piece of newspaper. 

The three two-week old kittens were rescued by Adoptable Pet Rescue on Wednesday and posted a statement on their Facebook page condemning the act.  

“We are constantly disappointed by the lack of empathy displayed by some people,” it said.  

“These three, two week old kittens were found on a piece of newspaper in the Ironbarks today after being dumped by a heartless human being. 

“There are plenty of ways to anonymously surrender kittens, including leaving them in a box at the door of the pound or vet clinic.

“It is not necessary and never acceptable to leave kittens to die of starvation or exposure. 

“Please desex your cats.”

But in a happy plot twist, a lactating mother which came into Adoptable Pet Rescue’s care the next day adopted the orphaned trio as her own. 

The three kittens have joined the mother’s existing litter of three one-week old kittens.

Horsham Veterinary Hospital veterinary nurse Belinda Collins said she highly recommended people arranged for their cats to be desexed to reduce the amount of unwanted kittens and strays in the region. 

“People should have their kittens desexed between four to six months old – however, they can be desexed older than this,” she said.