Stawell artist transforms public 'eyesore' into 3D mural

An old white wall beside the Patrick Street op shop was transformed from an “eyesore” into a spectacular 3D mural. 

Chalk Circle’s Peter Voice was the man behind the masterpiece and said it was a terrific feeling to nearing the completion of the mural. 

“It’s a great joy when you finish a public piece of art,” he said. 

“It was an eyesore before, the wall was ugly and had a great big hole in it.”

The building has been under restoration works- the bricks were sandblasted to their original state providing the perfect canvas for Mr Voice. 

“It was a garage in the past and there is a long term ambition to turn the building into a vintage machinery museum, so I wanted to do something along those lines,” he said.

“We plan to have a couple of vintage vehicles parked out the front and hopefully will become a destination for classic car parades that pass through the area.

“There is a lot of great work being done at this end of Main Street, people are starting to call it the Paris end of Stawell.” 

You can find out more about Chalk Circle’s work by visiting their studio/gallery just over the road.