Behind closed doors: Clean up starts at former Pleasant Creek Hospital

Members of the public could be walking through the eerie corridors of the former Pleasant Creek Hospital site as early as the Halloween weekend in October. 

Two weeks after formalising a lease, new owner Keenan Quinsee from Ballan, has started cleaning up the site.

He said his first priority was setting up Aradale-like ghost tours in time for Halloween festivities.

“We are just cleaning up at this stage- cleaning windows and pulling up old carpet,” he said. 

“It is not a big a job as what some people think- it looks derelict and a heap of work, but structurally the building is good.

“The first thing we are aiming for is the ghost tours to start on October 28.”

Mr Quinsee said he had plans to restore the old board room and operating theatre as they had looked in the past, among other ideas to help create a ground-breaking tourist attraction for Stawell. 

“I want to set up a small shop with souvenirs, toys and paranormal gadgets,” he said. 

“The wards will be set up with historical and medical equipment.

“I want to try and get a hold of some hospital beds- it will help set up the wards exactly as they were back then.”

Mr Quinsee said based off figures from Aradale he had forecast for about 5000 people a year to have the ghost tour experience at Pleasant Creek.

He also said his next priority was to clean up the building closest to the highway, which offered office and retail space. 

The building which was last occupied by a computer company about five years ago has 14 different rooms.

“There is a lot of space here, there are rooms which can be used as offices or conference rooms,” Mr Quinsee said. 

“Individuals can trial out these rooms before signing onto a lease- and there is a demand in Stawell for such space.

“Power and water is up and running- so it’s a matter of cleaning up the site.”

Mr Quinsee said the “business hub” could be operational by early next year.