Police find cannabis stash during early morning car raid at Stawell

A Stawell man, 45, was caught in possession of cannabis after police intercepted and searched his vehicle off the Western Highway at Stawell during the early hours of Saturday morning. 

Officers confiscated three grams of cannabis and issued a roadside caution to the man. 

Stawell Acting Sergeant Bryan Anderson said it was the 45-year-old’s first offence, so he was eligible for a caution.

“We are targeting drunken drivers and motorists affected by illicit substances on the road,” he said. 

It comes after police went to check a parked car at Great Western on Sunday morning, but discovered a stash of drugs inside the vehicle. 

Officers found 13 pills of the steroid oxydine, 12 pills of morphine and small amounts of ice and cannabis.

Two men, 39 and 47, from Moe and Hallam were charged. 

“Anybody experiencing dependency on illicit substances should seek help and advice from their referral service or general practitioner,” Acting Sergeant Anderson said.