Swifts host Laharum in round two clash

Baggies' Scott Carey looks to get the ball away during a practice match against Moyston-Willaura. Picture: Trish Ralph
Baggies' Scott Carey looks to get the ball away during a practice match against Moyston-Willaura. Picture: Trish Ralph

Swifts will face Laharum in a bid to continue its strong early season form in round two of the Horsham and District Football Netball League on Saturday.

The Baggies started the season with a 117-point win against Taylors Lake but will face a more seasoned outfit in the Demons.

It will be Swifts first home game for the year and coach Scott Carey said the team is ready to play at home for the first time in 2017.

"The boys are still excited for the start of the season, the week off last week gets them even more excited to get back into it,” he said.

Carey said the team has been working on ball movement during training since the season opener on April 8.

“Our focus over the past few weeks was moving the ball out of the contest, rather than just kicking it in tight and just hoping,” he said.

"I would like to think it will be a pretty solid hitout against Laharum but we do not have much of a form guide in the season so far.

The Demons had 51 scoring shots in the round one match against Pimpinio to finish with 21.30.156, while Swifts finished with 25.17.167 in its opening match of the season.

Carey said the team will need to be switched on right across the ground to prevent a similar dominance in the match against Swifts.

"To have 51 scoring shots means you are able to move the ball forward and keep it in,” he said.

"So our midfield pressure has to be at a premium to allow our backs to do their job properly.

"We were able to get our scoring shots up to around the same as they did last week, so we can put a big score on the board when we get enough supply as well.

"It is just a matter of picking the right options and capitalising on the opportunities, because the team that kicks the most points will kick themselves out of the game I think.”

The midfield will not only need to continue to put pressure on Laharum players but will also need to balance that with being attacking out of the contest to give their forwards a chance.

Carey said he has faith his midfield group can match it with the Demons.

"Their midfield is still one of the best in the league, so they will have opportunities, it is just whether we can apply pressure for the four quarters,” he said.

“They know how to twin the ball when the game is on the line, so that will be something we will need to keep an eye on.”

First bounce is at 2.20pm.