New beginning for Swifts A Grade | PHOTOS

The Swifts Netball Club will have a new look and feel to it this season as they embark on an A Grade comeback in the Horsham District Netball League.

Courtney Morrow

Courtney Morrow

Under the guidance of new coach Courtney Morrow the Swifts will field a team in every grade and Morrow believes it will be a competitive team in the top grade.

The try out process got underway Tuesday night and the first session combined with fitness training has Morrow optimistic of what is in stall for the club this season.

“I wasn't there last year makes it hard to compare standards but on the court on Tuesday night looked pretty good,” Morrow said.

Morrow who comes across from the Great Western Lions in the Mininera District League will also have to take a step up.

It is her first coaching role and so far she feels comfortable in her position.

 “I haven't really had a chance to embrace the coaching part at moment until we get through tryouts and I have more of an idea who we have and what sort of team we will be,” Morrow said.

“I am really looking forward to the try out process and once we have our teams selected we can work out our game plan and strategies.”

At fitness training Swifts have had great numbers which has been pleasing.

“If pre season is anything to go by with commitment it should be a great year ahead,” Morrow said.

Following the selection of teams Morrow is looking forward to improving the club’s fitness, skills and court play as well as working with the young ones and giving them the opportunity to step up into the senior grades.

“If pre season is anything to go by with commitment it should be a great year ahead,”

Courtney Morrow

“We get to start a fresh which is nice,” Morrow said.

“That means we have no real expectation other than to improve from where we are at right now. Hopefully that means juniors will get a go at the top level in our league.”

Swifts will hold another three sessions before they select their teams in the next couple of weeks. The season starts on April 8.