Farrers first up in tennis thriller

STAWELL - Farrers Tyrepower prevailed over Stawell Toyota in what was a thrilling start to the Stawell Tennis Club Friday night competition.

Although Stawell Toyota won two more sets than Farrers, Farrers managed to cling on to win by one game.

Joel Freeland proved once again why he's one of the premier players in the competition, winning all of his sets for Stawell Toyota.

Amanda Boisen and Melissa Sutherland were standouts for Farrers, starting their season off undefeated.

A stunning mixed doubles round by Frewstals saw them edge out Cassidy Painting by three games.

Cassidy Painting got off to a flying start with Abby Kaczynski, Jade Cross and Jaiden Bach leading the way for the women, while John Griffiths was in good form in the men's.

However, Frewstals claimed six out of seven final mixed doubles sets with a final set win to Mitch Collins enough to ensure victory.

Brian O'Shannessy was best for Frewstals, winning all of his sets while Narelle O'Shannessy stepped out and performed strongly in the ladies doubles.

Stawell Joinery enjoyed a 24 game victory against their opponents Stawell Trackside.

Les McLeod and Paul Carson led the way for Joinery men, moving through the match undefeated while Sue Blakey and Kath Wiecek were impressive for the ladies.

Andrew Dunn was in good form, winning both his men's doubles matches before teaming up with Debbie Hart in the mixed.

He fell just short of a clean sweep of sets - Dunn and Hart suffered a loss in a tiebreak to Howard Dunn and Sue Blakey.

Meaghan Armstrong put on a solid performance for Trackside in the women's sets, while Tim Williams shone in both the men's and mixed competition.

Stawell Toyota 11-92 lost to Farrers Tyrepower 9-93.

MEN'S: J Freeland D Kaczynski 6 d S Freeland N Baker 2, J Hannett B Paul 3 lost to B Cross C Reading 6, J Freeland B Freeland 6 d S Freeland J Hoseman 4, R Armstrong R Adamson 6 d T Driscoll S Ellis 4, D Kaczynski B Freeland 1 lost to N Baker J Hoseman 6, J Hannett R Armstrong 6 d B Cross T Driscoll 4, B Paul R Adamson 6 d C Reading S Ellis 3.

WOMEN'S: J Bach C Hodgetts 4 lost to K Hutton Jo Cross 6, E Dwyer B Griffiths 3 lost to A Boisen A Knights 6, J Bach K Reading 6 lost to K Hutton K Treoth 7, E Dwyer S Alborough 2 lost to A Boisen M Sutherland 6, C Hodgetts K Reading 6 d Jo Cross K Troeth 4, B Griffiths S Alborough 2 A Knights M Sutherland 6.

MIXED: J Freeland J Bach 6 d S Freeland K Hutton 1, D Kaczynski C Hodgetts 6 d N Baker Jo Cross 4, B Freeland K Reading 7 d J Hoseman K Troeth 6, J Hannett E Dwyer 3 lost to B Cross A Boisen 6, B Paul B Griffiths 6 d C Reading A Knights 1, R Armstrong S Alborough 0 lost to T Driscoll M Sutherland 6, R Adamson 7 d S Ellis 5.

Frewstals 10-94 defeated Cassidy Painting 10-91.

MEN'S: S Field B O'Shannessy 6 d M Freeland B Stewart 4, C Driscoll C Rickard 4 lost to P Hutton J Bach 6, S Field G Troeth 6 lost to M Freeland R Dodds 7, J Barber M Collins 7 d J Griffiths Z Illig 6, B O'Shannessy G Troeth 6 d B Stewart R Dodds 1, C Driscoll J Barber 3 lost to P Hutton J Griffiths 6, C Rickard M Collins 3 lost to J Bach Z Illig 6.

WOMEN'S: M Cross H Boisen 4 lost to J Cross K Ellis 6, E Homden N O'Shannessy 6 d M Rickard K Coote 2, M Cross S Slorach 1 lost to J Cross A Kaczynski 6, E Homden A Pollock 2 lost to M Rickard T Mussett 6, H Boisen S Slorach 4 lost to K Ellis A Kaczynski 6, N O'Shannessy A Pollock 2 lost to K Coote T Mussett 6.

MIXED: S Field M Cross 6 d M Freeland J Cross 4, B O'Shannessy H Boisen 6 d B Stewart K Ellis 2, G Troeth S Slorach 3 lost to R Dodds A Kaczynski 6, C Driscoll E Homden 6 d P Hutton M Rickard 0, C Rickard N O'Shannessy 7 d J Bach K Coote 5, J Barber A Pollock 6 d J Griffiths T Mussett 4, M Collins 6 d Z Illig 2.

Stawell Trackside 8-81 lost to Stawell Joinery 12-105.

MEN'S: A Dunn T Williams 6 d H Dunn S Dwyer 4, S Williams J Stainsby 6 d N McConnell H Driscoll 3, A Dunn M Dwyer 7 d H Dunn N Seeary 6, D Hart C Graveson 7 d S Blakey A Sullivan 5, T Hendy M Hackwill 3 lost to L McLeod P Carson 6, T Williams M Dwyer 3 lost to S Dwyer N Seeary 6, S Williams T Hendy 0 lost to N McConnell L McLeod 6, J Stainsby M Hackwill 2 lost to H Driscoll P Carson 6.

WOMEN'S: D Hart T Barber 4 lost to S Blakey K Wiecek 6, B Stewart M Armstrong 7 d E Williams D Humphris 6, D Hart C Graveson 7 d S Blakey A Sullivan 5, B Stewart H Reading 6 d E Williams K Griffiths 2, T Barber C Graveson 1 lost to K Wiecek A Sullivan 6, M Armstrong H Reading 6 d D Humphris K Griffiths 2.

MIXED: A Dunn D Hart 6 lost to H Dunn S Blakey 7, T Williams T Barber 6 d S Dwyer K Wiecek 4, M Dwyer C Graveson 4 lost to N Seeary A Sullivan 6, S Williams B Stewart 3 lost to N McConnell E Williams 6, J Stainsby M Armstrong 2 lost to H Driscoll D Humphris 6, T Hendy H Reading 1 lost to L McLeod K Griffiths 6, M Hackwill 1 lost to P Carson 6.

Stawell Tennis Club kicked off its 2012/13 season last Friday night in what was a sizzling opening round of matches.

Stawell Tennis Club kicked off its 2012/13 season last Friday night in what was a sizzling opening round of matches.


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