Cheezels better than Doritos

THEY MAY be a household favourite but Doritos has fallen to the bottom of the Stawell Racquetball Association pile after a gripping seven point defeat at the hands of Cheezels.

Doritos have fallen to the bottom of the ladder in the Stawell Racquetball Association committee.

Doritos have fallen to the bottom of the ladder in the Stawell Racquetball Association committee.

Barry Bassett and Deb Moloney played to their grades, while Greg Gorter and Giovanna Monaghan achieved the result they were after.

The difference came in Moyan Cahill's loss to Monaghan. She managed seven points more than sub Lochie Donovan could in his loss to Moloney.

In yet another close result French Fries finished just nine points the better of Twisties.

Matt Monaghan and Tiny Smith were convincing in victory for the winners, while Jo Orr and sub Deb Moloney did what they could for their team but it wasn't quite enough.

CCs lifted itself from the bottom of the ladder with a hard fought win over Burger Rings.

A game from Denis Monaghan in his eventual loss to David Coe was all that was needed to lock in the team's win, a near flawless performance from Kathy McClintock also added to the result.

In the clearest outcome of the night Pringles dominated in its clash with Cheetos, collecting three of the four rubbers on offer.

Pringles' Claire Monaghan spared few points as she defeated Dustin Barry and Aaron Dalziel showed no mercy when he took on Judy McNeight.

The closest individual battle played out between Gary Bloomfield and Ben Wallace.

Wallace collected the first game (21-13), before Bloomfield regrouped to snatch the second by the narrowest of margins (22-21).

Wallace regained his composure in the third to prevail 1-2-63 to Bloomfield's 0-1-48.

Jeanette Bassett gave her Cheetos team members something to smile about with her win against Sharyn Hateley.

The competition's consistently close results are reflected on the ladder with just two premiership points separating five of the nine teams.

Results (August 18)

CHEETOS 1-3-118 lost to PRINGLES 3-6-166

D Barry 0-0-13 lost to C Monaghan 1-2-42; G Bloomfield 0-1-48 lost to B Wallace 1-2-63; J McNeight 0-0-15 lost to A Dalziel 1-2-42; J Bassett 1-2-42 def S Hateley 0-0-19.

CCs 2-5-159 def BURGER RINGS 2-4-141

C Barry 1-2-42 def S Arnfield 0-0-27; D Monaghan 0-1-39 lost to D Coe 1-2-42; A Sullivan 0-0-36 lost to R Troeth 1-2-42; K McClintock 1-2-42 def N Pirani 0-0-10.

FRENCH FRIES 2-4-132 def TWISTIES 2-4-123

David Moloney 0-0-35 lost to J Orr 1-2-42; M Monaghan 1-2-42 def A Nashed 0-0-15; T Smith 1-2-42 def S Monaghan 0-0-24; L Donovan 0-0-13 lost to Deb Moloney (sub) 1-2-42.

CHEEZELS 2-4-128 def DORITOS 2-4-121

B Bassett 1-2-42 def D Kaczynski (sub) 0-0-24; M Sanchez 0-0-24 lost to G Gorter 1-2-42; M Cahill 0-0-20 lost to G Monaghan 1-2-42; Deb Moloney 1-2-42 def L Donovan (sub) 0-0-13.

Ladder (after round five): Pringles 23 (points), 119.31 (%); Cheezels 17, 108.20; French Fries 16, 103.01; Twisties 16, 100.15; Grain Waves 15, 101.61; Cheetos 15, 93.77, Burger Rings 13, 90.43; CCs 10, 98.66; Doritos 10, 93.65.


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