CKS Swifts face a crucial game

CKS Swifts return from a week off to take on Kalkee on its home ground in the Horsham District Football League.
CKS Swifts return from a week off to take on Kalkee on its home ground in the Horsham District Football League.

CKS Swifts will return from their week off to take on a tough Kalkee on their home ground in the Horsham District Football League tomorrow.

Swifts coach Ben Martin has described the game as their most important to date this year.

"It is a game where if we lose everyone else senses some vulnerability," Martin said.

"With a couple of difficult games in front of us we don't want our opposition thinking like that. We really need to show a message of strength."

In recent weeks with no game to play Martin and his men have worked on areas they believe to be lacking.

"Honestly I think we are the best in the league at going our way, but we are lacking in the defensive end," Martin said.

"It is simple things when the whistle goes we are lost."

Martin also made a point of being worried about the opposition's rebounded out of Swifts attacking fifty.

"These stronger teams will punish us if we can't react fast enough," he said.

Martin and fellow coach Paul Hanns have worked on some new drills to improve their defensive end and those drills have been in place at training for two weeks.

"It is pretty new to everyone, but the more we do it the better we will get," Martin said.

For CKS Swifts this weekend there were only two players unavailable for selection, with Ash Cowen making the call to take a couple of weeks off and Jakob Davis currently overseas.

Cowen has endured a large workload over the last six months so decided it was necessary to have some time off.

With numbers up this past week Swifts will be looking forward to the challenge of the bigger Kalkee bodies.

"There is no doubt they are much bigger than us," Martin said.

"They have a couple of top end players so it will be important for us to win the ball on the inside."

Players such as Josh Mibus, Steve Schultz and Josh Beddison will all provide headaches for Swifts if they are allowed to do as they please.

Mibus, who would almost be a shoe in for the league best and fairest has been in the best players every round except for three this season and has dominated most teams.

Steve Schultz has also had a good year moving around the ground and playing in several positions whether that be in the forward line, on the ball or down back.

Josh Beddison will most likely take Swifts best defender after kicking a total of 34 goals from his 11 matches.

"It is really important for us to stick to our own game plan, but we will give those men, inparticular Mibus, some attention," Martin said.

"We need to get a strong start against them and hopefully beat them on their home ground. That will really set up the second half of the year for us."


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