Residents to feel impact of super contribution cuts

Residents in the Mallee will be among those affected most when the Federal Government abolishes the Low Income Super Contribution next month.

HESTA chief executive, Anne-Marie Corboy.

HESTA chief executive, Anne-Marie Corboy.

A report released by Industry Super Australia estimates 47 per cent of Mallee workers will be affected, which is the highest in Victoria.

HESTA super fund chief executive, Anne-Marie Corboy, said unfortunately, a vast majority of those affected by the cuts would be women, with the number reaching as high as 57 per cent.

The report also estimates that 46 per cent of Wannon residents will be affected, including 57.9 per cent of female employees.

Ms Corboy said the policy provided rebates up to $500 into the super accounts of working Australians earning less than $37,000 per annum and whose marginal tax rate is 15 per cent or less.

She said abolishing the payment would leave one in three Australian workers worse off, with disproportionate impacts felt in regional and rural communities.

"Of the worst affected electorates, 24 or 25 are rural or regional," Ms Corboy said.

"Removing the LISC would automatically wipe off almost $500 million in super savings for these workers, leaving hard-working Australians who can least afford it with a big shortfall in their super balances at retirement."

Ms Corboy said more than 80% of HESTA members are women and many of them work in rural and regional areas like Stawell.

"Many of these workers are employed on a part time or casual basis, so they are under the $37,000 threshold," Ms Corboy said.

"More than 280,000 HESTA members will see their retirement savings cut by up to $27,000 if the payment is removed.

"That could make all the difference between having the extra financial flexibility to enjoy occasional luxuries, such as holidays in retirement."

Ms Corboy said the federal government was introducing a short term cost saving measure, that would have long term affects on residents.

"What the government is doing is abolishing something that is in place," Ms Corboy said.

"Removing the Low Income Super Contribution will mean Australia's lowest paid workers are the only ones not to receive any tax benefit on their super contributions and that's simply unfair.

"The LISC must be retained to protect the superannuation balances of Australians who depend on it. HESTA is doing everything it can to keep this essential benefit in place and urges all Australians to get behind us.

"For us, it's all about fairness and equity."

Ms Corboy is now encouraging all residents to lobby the government, in particularly their members in the senate.

"We want people out there to make contact with their local members of parliament, in particular their senators, to let them know what impact this will have on them and their future," she said.

Ms Corboy said people could visit for more information about how they could help in the fight to retain the Low Income Super Contribution.


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