Mixed fortunes for Gemma Horrocks

Gemma Horrocks has wrapped up her season of speedway with a weekend full of misfortune.

Gemma Horrocks experienced mixed fortunes during the final meeting of the season.

Gemma Horrocks experienced mixed fortunes during the final meeting of the season.

The unlucky Horrocks was scheduled to race in six heats on the opening night and failed to do so in two of them. With problems to the car, she was unable to compete.

She started the night well before the first of her problems arose, with the car spitting the power steering belt on the highline and throwing her into the fence.

The second heat was the first of two that she was unable to compete in due to the problems sustained in the car from the first heat.

Heat three saw Horrocks return to the track and take out her first race for the night.

Just when she thought the car was back to its pristine condition the power steering belt went again and resulted in Horrocks flying into the fence.

Horrocks was unable to start in the fifth heat, but after time in the pits was able to finish the first night with a win.

With two wins from four races and a troublesome car, the second night of racing was in doubt.

Horrocks' crew thought they had the problems under control and gave night two a go.

The second night provided more quality results with Horrocks claiming three wins from five starts.

The heat results were enough to see Horrocks a finalist in the event.

However, in just the second lap of the final race, the power steering belt went again, this time breaking the distributor.

While disappointed with her final meeting for the season Horrocks is happy to be back in the sport after an extended time on the sidelines following her horrific injury a couple of years ago.

She extended her thanks to her sponsors, her family, Blue Ribbon Raceway and all of her fans for the season.

Horrocks will attend a presentation night early next month to find out her final standings, but she looks forward to an even more successful year next year.


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