Racquetball finalists enjoy winning form

 The higher placed teams will take winning form into the finals of the Stawell Racquetball Association as the regular season has drawn to a close.

The higher placed teams will take winning form into the finals of the Stawell Racquetball Association.

The higher placed teams will take winning form into the finals of the Stawell Racquetball Association.

It was a case of the best being too good on Monday night when Stawell racquetball players took to the court.

Each of the higher placed teams took victories meaning the final four was secured.

The clash of Manchester City and Manchester United provided an adrenaline rush for the players with City defeating United by just four points.

Giovanna Monaghan struggled after playing two games, losing against Marcelo Sanchez by 20 points.

This was by far the biggest margin of the match with every other rubber going down to the wire.

City's top spot was never in doubt, but a close win might give them the burst they need for semi finals next week.

Liverpool played a must win game against Chelsea and did just that, claiming victory by 25 points.

Strong wins for David Moloney and Nicole Dixon sealed the win for Liverpool while Jo Orr was Chelsea's strongest performer.

West Ham took on a struggling Everton and won comfortably.

With West Ham's Dustin Barry and Everton's Ben Kimber both away, the match was forced to be just four rubbers.

It was a tight contest between the two and Everton looked likely to pull off an upset until the final rubber.

Jeanette Bassett dominated Lochie Donovan allowing him just four points in one of their two games.

With a total of 14 points to his name the match was over.

Rounding out the week's play was Arsenal who were winners over Tottenham.

Tottenham had the rare incident of winning more rubbers and games but losing by points.

A strong display from Daniel Gurney in his match against Sharyn Hateley was a significant factor.

Gurney dropped just five points to claim the rubber.

Manchester City, Arsenal, West Ham and Liverpool will each battle it out next Monday in the top division while Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester United and Everton will play off in B grade.

Results from 26/5/2014

Liverpool 3-6-179 def Chelsea 2-4-154

S Arnfield 0-0-20 lost to J Orr 1-2-42, D Moloney 1-2-42 def D Monaghan 0-0-22, J McNeight 0-0-33 lost to G Gorter 1-2-42, D Gurney (sub) 1-2-42 def D Moloney 0-0-33, N Dixon 1-2-42 def K McClintock.

West Ham 2-5-165 def Everton 2-4-136

J Hosemans 0-1-47 lost to G Orr 1-2-57, G Bloomfield 1-2-42 def A Dalziel 0-0-23, G Monaghan 0-0-34 lost to S Monaghan 1-2-42, J Bassett 1-2-42 def L Donovan 0-0-14.

Tottenham 3-6-149 lost to Arsenal 1-3-155

D Kaczynski 1-2-42 def C Monaghan 0-0-34, M Sanchez 1-2-42 def T Smith 0-0-27, M Cahill 1-2-60 def M Hancock 0-1-52 S Hateley 0-0-5 lost to D Gurney 1-2-42.

Manchester United 3-6-238 lost to Manchester City 2-7-242.

S Arnfield 0-0-37 lost to D Dowling 1-2-43, M Monaghan 1-2-60 def D Coe 0-1-52, L Farrell 1-2-59 def A Sullivan 0-1-53, G Monaghan (sub) 0-0-22 lost to M Sanchez 1-2-42, S Walker 1-2-60 def R Moos 0-1-52


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