First racquetball draw for season

Almost twenty premiership points separate Arsenal from Manchester United on the Stawell Racquetball Association ladder, but nothing came between the two teams when they clashed in the penultimate round of the Autumn competition on Monday night.

Stawell Racquetball experienced its first draw for the season.

Stawell Racquetball experienced its first draw for the season.

Despite a depleted Man United team taking to the court, regulars and subs were able to match it with their Arsenal opponents to produce the first draw of the season.

The closest of the battles occurred between Arsenal captain Claire Monaghan and sub Damien Dowling, Monaghan getting the better of her rival in a deciding third game.

Consistent performers for Man United - Matt Monaghan and Liam Farrell were both on fire in their wins, while Mandi Hancock and Daniel Gurney played to form for Arsenal.

West Ham got the better of Tottenham thanks to the efforts of Gary Bloomfield, Giovanna Monaghan and Jeanette Bassett.

Liverpool's Judy McNeight overcame a challenge from Everton's Aaron Dalziel to help her team to another victory.

David Moloney and Nicole Dixon also played well for Pool while Gavin Orr made a winning return to court for Everton.

Chelsea was unable to match it with a seemingly unstoppable Manchester City which again finished the night on top.

Marcelo Sanchez and Roxane Moos were convincing winners while David Coe just got home in two games after facing a challenge in the form of Denis Monaghan.

For Chelsea, Jo Orr played to form and sub Liam Farrell surrendered few points to Man City's Anna Sullivan.

Next week teams will be jostling for a spot in the division finals. Liverpool and Chelsea have the most to gain. Both teams sit just outside the top four and a win from either team could see them make the division one finals.

Results (May 19)

MANCHESTER UNITED 2-5-187 drew with ARSENAL 3-6-187

D Dowling (sub) 0-1-49 lost to C Monaghan 1-2-55; M Monaghan 1-2-42 def B Wallace 0-0-29; L Farrell 1-2-42 def T Smith 0-0-19; D Moloney (sub) 0-0-20 lost to M Hancock 1-2-42; S Walker (sub) 0-0-34 lost to D Gurney 1-2-42.

MANCHESTER CITY 3-6-165 def CHELSEA 2-4-158

D Dowling 0-0-21 lost to J Orr 1-2-42; D Coe 1-2-42 def D Monaghan 0-0-36; A Sullivan 0-0-18 lost to L Farrell (sub) 1-2-42; M Sanchez 1-2-42 def D Moloney 0-0-14; R Moos 1-2-42 def K McClintock 0-0-24.

LIVERPOOL 3-6-191 def EVERTON 2-5-177

S Arnfield 0-0-22 lost to G Orr 1-2-42; D Moloney 1-2-42 def B Kimber 0-0-20; J McNeight 1-2-59 def A Dalziel 0-1-51; N Dixon (sub) 0-0-26 lost to S Monaghan 1-2-42; N Dixon 1-2-42 def L Donovan 0-0-22.

TOTTENHAM 2-4-172 lost to WEST HAM 3-6-196

D Kaczynski 1-2-42 def S Arnfield (sub) 0-0-35; D Coe (sub) 1-2-42 def D Monaghan (sub) 0-0-36; M Sanchez (sub) 0-0-29 lost to G Bloomfield 1-2-42; M Cahill 0-0-32 lost to G Monaghan 1-2-42; S Hateley 0-0-27 lost to J Bassett 1-2-42.

Ladder (After round 13): Manchester City 62 (points), 112.09 (%); Arsenal 54, 108.84; West Ham 45, 100.04; Tottenham 43, 100.57; Liverpool 43, 98.72; Chelsea 42, 96.92; Manchester United 37, 93.59; Everton 35, 90.81.


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