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About Healthcare Australia
Are you looking to work in Australia as a nurse, midwife, carer, doctor or allied health?

If you work in the health care industry and you’re thinking about coming to work in Australia, HCA can help you from start to finish. Whatever your specialty or level, whichever part of Australia that takes your fancy, one of our dedicated and helpful consultants will work with you closely to find the right fit for you. We also have an office in Auckland, New Zealand that can assist and support you to be work ready before your arrival to Australia.

It takes a special person to be a carer. Helping someone with a disability, illness or medical condition is an important responsibility. While it’s a rewarding career, it comes with many challenges. It’s why we take the extra time to make sure whatever placement we find is the absolute right fit for you and your needs. Whether you’re looking at part time or permanent carer opportunities, be it in the major city, regional, rural or remote areas, Healthcare Australia can assist. One of our dedicated consultants will work with you closely to help find the role you’re looking for and make the process easy and simple along the way.

Because we are recognised as Australia’s leading healthcare recruiter, we’ve built relationships with the country’s best private and public hospitals, and top healthcare organisations. It means you’ll have the opportunity to be placed in the best healthcare facilities. We also partner with facilities in some of the country’s most iconic and beautiful remote areas. This gives you the chance to experience different cultures and enjoy a unique lifestyle.

Whatever your level of experience, we can help you find the right carer job and also help with opportunities to train and grow your career. 

If you’re an overseas applicant, find out more about applying to work in Australia.